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  1. I think there's something in this. When I moved down to the south east (1999) from lancs I was amazed at the price differentials. Now, nice surrey villages and grim lancashire ones just aren't that far apart price wise
  2. There's a good article on this guy
  3. Two are already out of petrol near me (chorley, lancashire)
  4. Just the sort of house an executive earning £30k per year would choose to live!
  5. It's so that nationwide can say that average asking prices are increasing in their next report
  6. It looks worth beting on hold. The shadow MPC has not changed it's position since last month and it looks like being a much closer call than 6/1 would suggest
  7. I think SIPP investment will drop. Right now, you can invest in commercial property and borrow 75% of the value. From next april, you can also invest in residential property, but the new 50% borrowing requirement applies across the board. People with SIPPs are loading up on commercial property prior to April 2006.
  8. It doesn't really matter if you're laughed at does it? I'd go with what you feel it is worth. You may well get outbid, but so what - if you put in your best price and someone pays more then good luck to them. I would also justify my bid - sold prices and market data that backs up your price.
  9. It must be hard to sell 'lifestyle' apartments on an old munitions factory in Leyland. I think this will be a local hotspot in the crash - £120k for a flat in Leyland!
  10. 5 in favour of a hold. FOur ofr a .25% cut http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publication...005/mpc0507.pdf
  11. I asked an estate agent he said 'In current market conditions the ball is worth £500k, but with interest rates dropping soon and the olympics in 2012 you'd better move quiclky because it was likley to be worth £750k by September.' I showed the estate agent the maths and he looked a little perplexed
  12. New car sales are down 4.8% yoy for June, and 6% for 1st half. Private buyers are down 11% this year. http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4657093.stm
  13. So what happens at the end of July? They raise the price? Yeah right
  14. I think they'll stay. However, if they do drop I think we will hear all sorts of rubbish from the housing industry - prices going back up blah blah. I think it will have very little effect on house sales. Remember, a 0.25% cut in rates is about £15 per month on a £100k mortgage i.e. Nowt.
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