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  1. Eyeball Tattoos are a thing.
  2. Horridbloke

    Did anybody invest in Propertymoose

    Didn't an idea very similar to this company get utterly panned on Dragon's Den a while back?
  3. Well, £10k fine plus (almost) £15k costs. I expect the Wilsons will be adding the disabled to their blacklist now.
  4. What's the probability she'll actually turn up at court?
  5. Seconded re him sounding like a knob, but it sounded like "fifteen new members" to me. It's so ridiculous I can believe it's actually Chris Morris. I expect somebody has ripped the episode for prosperity. 😀
  6. Horridbloke

    More EA Desperation For Income?

    I'm puzzled by this bit... Wouldn't small claims be appropriate for the amount in question?
  7. Horridbloke

    Death in service benefit

    A previous employer of mine introduced one of these. There was a substantial headline figure however employees were never provided with any policy details. We tried asking whether it would pay out for suicides, but they never got back to us.
  8. Horridbloke

    How is this legal? Rent to Buy Mongrel

    So basically this is (at best) the Brighthouse model applied to property.
  9. I really hope it has a coin slot for lecky.
  10. Ooh, a rogue tenant database (behind a paywall). Isn't that a bit sue-worthy?
  11. Further shenanigans today in the form of an email from them. I dont have anywhere near enough with them to be affected by this but it doesn't instil confidence.
  12. Horridbloke

    Fergus Wilson throws in the towel?

    Hilariously there probably is a shortage of suitable tradespeople in the area - plumbers were on his list of proscribed tenants (along with battered wives). If plumbers are considered problematic then what are the chances electricians, builders etc are also? So if you can't buy locally (because fatty) and you can't rent (because fatty) then I guess you'll just have to go somewhere where you'll be welcome...
  13. Horridbloke

    Estate Agent Giving To Chairty if you buy!!

    I like how the "Terrace", "Garden", "Exterior" and "Entrance Gate" photos have the same blue sky stock image photoshopped in.
  14. Horridbloke

    Weird Letters from Estate Agents

    A local firm kept sending us letters bearing the promise "I'LL SELL YOUR HOUSE" in big letters on the outside of the envelope. Whoever came up with that probably thinks it's a noble promise of great service. To me it sounds emotionally subnormal and a bit threatening, the sort of thing a disinterested twelve-year-old might submit as homework. If a veterinary surgeon sent out a batch of similar junkmail with the message "I'LL PUT DOWN YOUR DOG" they could probably look forward to a visit from the old bill.

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