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  1. Why would/do VIs bother posting on here? Don't get me wrong, I agree a HPC would be a very good thing, for me personally and for the UK in general. I have lurked around here for a good number of years now and occasionally post but we really aren't important. I cannot believe that posts on the level of "cant loose on houses your or loosers lol" or "prices wil definitely fall by 60 percent by end of year" actually has a measurable effect on the market.
  2. Will this measure really help? The virus is already well established here. I can't help wondering if they're playing to the daily mail brigade here.
  3. If they weren't doing that they'd be trying to flog lousy phone contracts or vaping paraphenalia.
  4. Just round the corner from Challaborough, which is basically a Straw Dogs theme park.
  5. Aren't the traditional car manufacturers saddled with scary pension obligations?
  6. So 'alt-coins' both have no effect on bitcoin and make it worth more? Okay then...
  7. People all over the place are creating new cryptocurrencies out of thin air. Assuming these appeal to much the same crowd that are interested in bitcoin the unlimited extra supply breaks Bitcoin's "limited supply" anti-inflation feature. Also, plenty of people are putting money into bitcoin-denominated accounts rather than acquiring the coins themselves, therefore purchasing promises-to-pay. That removes the supply limitation, so inflation will happen.
  8. A substantial and not particularly justifiable increase in ISA allowance. Let's say to £24k.
  9. A sane person would grumble in private about their sentence and otherwise get on with it. What's the betting he will?
  10. Useless lettings agent? They definitely exist.
  11. I've spent several minutes telling myself the photo was taken partway through renovations and there's now a perfectly good partition wall and door separating bedroom and entirely conventional ensuite... ...I'm wrong though, aren't I?
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