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  1. Even odds they'll treat us to another "HOUSE PRICES SOAR!!!" front page by next friday.
  2. Probably using the famed Fergus Wilson "properties double every seven years" logic: he'd need just over four and a half years. (I don't necessarily subscribe to this.)
  3. A while ago somebody here posted a sizeable mosaic of the express's "HOUSE PRICE SOARS!" front pages. The fact they keep getting away with it is a damning indictment of their regular readers.
  4. I'm clinging on to my rolling monthly SIM deal with Virgin for dear life - I get a lot more data on it than I should due to an apparent bug in their website. Every six months to a year they call me up and try to trick me into taking a 12 month contract. I just let it wash over me.
  5. Might be worth checking your Steam settings - it has a couple of options to limit bandwidth usage. Alternatively, Steam displays download speed in kilo/mega-bytes per second, not bits: could it be a case of unit confusion?
  6. So if we buy now we'll be impoverishing the seller? I would feel terrible about that - really awful.
  7. They're dropping in this south coast university town - looks like some student landlords are giving up (always a giveaway when the lounge is described as "bedroom 4"). Saw the first sub-200k house matching my Rightmove search for a couple of years this week.
  8. Yes, I visited Liverpool last year and peered into a few estate agents windows. Saw a few houses on offer for under £40k, though not anything I would want to live in.
  9. At what point does retirement age bump up against an average person's ability to do their a job?
  10. Does anyone seriously think that's the last we'll hear of this guy? He'll switch to an adjacent town, put everything in a relative's name or whatever and carry on.
  11. The industry already tries that via TRIAD charges for times of winter peak demand. Our workplace gets internally-sourced notifications to not use the lifts or make tea between about 4 and 6pm on the days in question.
  12. It's potentially worse than that. For a thirty percent "discount" to return a price to its current level the "undiscounted" price would have to rise by 43 percent.
  13. Why would/do VIs bother posting on here? Don't get me wrong, I agree a HPC would be a very good thing, for me personally and for the UK in general. I have lurked around here for a good number of years now and occasionally post but we really aren't important. I cannot believe that posts on the level of "cant loose on houses your or loosers lol" or "prices wil definitely fall by 60 percent by end of year" actually has a measurable effect on the market.
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