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  1. I'm getting a mortgage, and want fixed interest rate, but im not sure what term to go for. We originally said 3 years, but what are the chances of interest rates being lower than what they are now in three years time? Would we be better with a longer term?...
  2. I have a loan and massive overdraft with my bank, im permanently living in debt and just paying interest each month. I have low credit scoring though due to probs around 5 years ago so i cant get any help with regards to low interest laons to get me out of it etc. Im getting super stressed, im pregnant with 3rd child and i just want to get out of it. Any ideas?...
  3. who else thinks that we seem to be heading towards another depression? with the gas prices going up at a steady pace, products are going to become more expensive and people are going to start buying less putting us into another economic crisis...
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