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  1. Volumes are still extremely low, don't let the EA intimidate you into thinking we are in a boom. Activity is 60% off peak. 15% off 2007 at the very least. Don't rely on just the valuation, get a proper survey done. Emphasise to the EA that you have finance in place, no chain etc etc. I would start off at around the £140 mark and perhaps go up to 155 depending on the condition of the house. Main advice, MOST (not all) EAs will lie cheat, scare, manipulate you to get a sale, forget that at your peril.
  2. A friend of mine was killed on that flight. 18 years old. There wasn't much mercy for her. I hope the cancer is a nasty one.
  3. I would have thought that the no quibble pension, plus the non exec directors jobs, consultancies etc etc they have access to after(and while) they are MPs more than makes up for what they deem to be substandard pay. Besides the 2nd home allowance isn't the only expense they can claim, I heard a figure of 80k?? So by all means, abolish ALL expenses (wife and family employed as researchers etc) and pay them 130k. BTW I am in favour of the rent a room to an MP camp, I would be happy to have Hazel Blears paying a nominal rent in my back bedroom as long as she also did some babysitting and light house work.
  4. This reinforces my assertion that they are definitely getting easier (A levels I mean). I have lost count of the times I have argued with younger people about this. I say "how can everyone be getting better and better results year on year" they say "teaching is a lot better these days' I say "b0ll0x, that cannot account for these ridiculous increases in A grades, if they weren't getting easier why do they need to introduce an A star ?" they say "you're just jealous" I say " No, I got ABB which was a very respectable result in the 80s" i then normally degenerates into intergenerational bickering. However a teacher friend of mine who I was at school with says that they are definitely less intellectually challenging. Any other teachers who took A level in the 80s - 90s out there care to comment ??
  5. Its funny how many people say that about their respective industries, especially if they've been working in them for a while.
  6. I will have to remember that when the wife complains about only having 3 pairs of Jimmy Choos.
  7. +1 Why does the NHS get singled out ? Just because it's the NHS why should the employees be any healthier/ smoke less ? They are just people and are as susceptible to vices/ bad diet as much as the next person, perhaps more so as many of the jobs in the NHS are relatively low paid and menial, the links between health and wealth are well established. I also subscribe to the view that they are not motivated enough to deal with problems like absenteeism, because they are not made to feel financially responsible. Like Superted ,I have worked in both sectors and without doubt there are far fewer "passengers" in the private sector. When Mrs 1080 was giving birth to our child I had to eat in the hospital canteen for 4 days it served the most unhealthy food imagineable, all day fried brekkie and not a salad in sight ! The irony was not lost on me !
  8. Can't speak for those on 30k, it is very expensive as far as property goes BUT.... some of the great free things. The view form Waterloo Bridge as I cycle over it every morning (and evening). Borough Market very early on a Saturday. Hyde Park. Gas lights in Soho (they are still there if you look). The walk from Westminster to Deptford. Roman walls at Tower Hill. Cormorants on the river. The view from Parliament Hill. I could go on, but no other city in the UK offers such diversity in people, restaurants, architecture, culture and outlook.
  9. I think even if you look back 15 years 2-3 bed semis were within the reach of FTBs, even in Maidstone. Several friends of mine bought houses ,not flats, as their first purchase. Who are "they" ??
  10. Apart from the new cars, my lifestyle growing up was very much like this. My Dad was a senior manager at an insurance company in the city. I remember he was getting paid around £25k in the early 80s. There is however one major difference, he bought his first house in 1965 for £2500 when he was earning around £5k. By the time he had 2 kids (1982) we were living in a four bed detached house in Purley big garden nice road yadda yadda. The house was bought for £55k, on a salary of £25k. There is a pattern forming here. All the houses my father bought were never more than 2x his income, he worked in insurance and so had a much lower interest rate. Mortgage costs were a tiny fraction of what they would be now. That is the only reason we could afford public schools and ponys. FYI My childhood house sold last month for £595k, that would mean my Dad would now have to earn around £300k ! Which would put him firmly in the top 0.05% of earners. He was certainly not in that bracket in the 1980s. Quite flawed logic there but hopefully you get it.
  11. Ooops http://www.boris-johnson.com/2009/07/24/bye-bye-bendies/
  12. Likewise anecdotal from a couple of friends, one got promoted and instead of an extra 10k and a bigger bonus, he got an extra 50k and the same bonus.
  13. Does he or she keep up with the rent
  14. Here you go http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/postco.../1/days_on_desc
  15. See , I thought the Aneros thread was funny. The I read this one. -0.8 is more The clue is in the little dash before the numbers.
  16. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...es%26index%3D10 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...es%26index%3D10 Incredible that these are going for so much considering the area, that end of Burgess park can be truly scary, all the creepy fishermen around the lake, I took my daughter for a walk there a few months ago, never again ! BTW I saw an auction property on Coburg rd go for around £250k needing complete refurb about a year ago.
  17. Nationdaycation - Bank Holiday
  18. SE1, there are ex council flats available just off Bermondsey St, Snowsfields etc. 10 mins from London Bridge, 5 mins from More London and 7 mins from the Shard (not built yet). Oh and 15 mins from the City. Prices still reasonable if you look in the right places i.e not The Jam Factory and other overpriced developments. edited to remove duplication.
  19. World in miniature ?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_Island...f_the_ecosystem
  20. I have noticed that prices in the Jam Factory have gone down. I think the Alaska is a much nicer building also better value. The thing with large posh-ish flat developments is the service charges, I used to pay over £2k a year for bugger all. God knows what they are like in the Bermondsey Sq development.
  21. We did actually look at them a year ago and discovered we could get a three bed Victorian terrace down the road for half the price of one of the 3 bed flats..... The ceiling did leak last night though.... ho hum.
  22. Yes seen the one on Bermondsey Sq, I think it could easily go for that. However they are still struggling to sell flats in the development opposite. Kalmars have the one next door for sale too, or maybe it's just an old add. There are some huge differences in SE1, probably more than most other London postcodes.
  23. The Maxi dress does seem to have made a comeback .However my wife tells me that there are rather a lot more short skirts around, because of course, I would not have noticed... ahem.
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