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  1. I dunno about that, I was very happy in the 1970s, playing with my action man, drinking Tizer and having street parties.
  2. Quick get on the boat before it's too late. They're not making it anymore. Is it too late to start Goldpricecrash.co.uk ??
  3. It's your choice.... So I take it you won't be using BBC iplayer ? TBH I think that the BBC represents pretty good value for money despite it's many failings. BBC £142 Sky (basic) £180ish with sport and HD anything up to £500 or more.
  4. And when everyone does that we will have no BBC at all. I would rather have a slightly rubbish half independent publicly funded broadcaster than none at all. When are you going to start tax avoidance, to get rid of the NHS ?
  5. If you think that the BBC is a government mouthpiece try watching the "free market" media in the US, it is shocking ! I am quite happy for the BBC to continue to be publicly funded, but as any public sector organisation it is bloated and overstuffed with middle managers making jobs for themselves. There are over 300 people at the BBC earning over 100k who have nothing to do with programme making, I find that incredible. I work in this sector and I think one of the problems is that the BBC has all the cosy security of the public sector with all the high wages and fripperies of the private (media) sector. There are many middle managers at the Beeb who would simply not survive in the private sector as the private sector has a far lower tolerance of bureauocracy and a proper appreciation of the bottom line. As far as "talent" goes, I seem remember a time when it was seen as a privilege to work for the BBC and the personalities were to expect lower wages than ITV as a part of that.
  6. If you like the house, suck it up and pay for a survey, unless you have a mate/ family connection to a surveyor. A good builder could also be an option that would probably be free. When the missus and I were looking to buy at auction, we got a builder to come along with us.
  7. Another anecdotal I got from a black cabbie a few years ago was him boasting about how little tax he paid! As a regular( Law abiding) cyclist I'm afraid I have very little sympathy for Black cab drivers. At best they are generally selfish road users at worst they are downright dangerous.
  8. Most if not all are run by volunteers. They are an independent body and receive very little money considering their workload. Apropos of nothing my Grandfather was one of the founders of the CAB, he is one of the signatories of their original charter.
  9. The government have progressively cut their funding for years. It is a crying shame that such a great organisation has such limited resources.
  10. Runners in TV post production start on as little as 10k (minimum wage), we get 120 CVs a month begging to work for jobs like that. 90% of them are graduates. The starting wage for a runner does not seem to have changed in 10 years !
  11. Lidls Champagne ROCKS ! I mainly buy booze there, ahem. (also Bratwurst)
  12. Good post. Mrs.1080 plus the littleun and I decided to stay in the UK... on the cheap for a long weekend, well not really, 2 nights in a hotel in Dorset plus meals ,plus petrol £550. The hotel and meals were all very nice but the UK is really bloody expensive ! It would have been cheaper to go to Paris.
  13. £270k ner ner.... *blows raspberry whilst waving willy about*
  14. Not so many in in the media I'm afraid. TV specifically only senior management and very busy craft freelancers can expect to earn that kind of dosh. Radio ? unless you're talent forget about it. Print, real terms wage deflation for a good few years now. Don't know about advertising.
  15. I don't share your sentiment Mr.F but that post made me guffaw !
  16. Doesn't really help does it. The reason he can't afford anywhere is unfortunately because £40k really isn't that much in London, if he had a partner also earning £40k he might be in with a chance, the sad fact is though, that when you and I bought houses in the late 90s income multiples were still relatively sensible. Even after the recent , stalled correction, income multiples are way too high. An average income in London does not buy an average house.
  17. Instead off attempting to troll and derail the thread, why not offer some relevant insight to the OPs original question. We could all go on about how well off we are blah blah, but it doesn't help he OP. ( I too own several properties and have a very good income but there is no need to go on about it). Ed sp
  18. Yes, never tell and EA how much you have, no matter how matey they are. Get an agreement for something you can afford ,or even afford on one income. Also agree with other posters , if they bought for 170 and are trying to sell for 170 they may not be able to go any lower because of their mortgage. Anyhow best of luck, it doesn't do any harm to stick a cheeky offer in. Do be prepared to walk away though.
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