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  1. What's all this "change you choose" b0ll0X sounds suspiciously like "change we can believe in". I reckon he'll be going down the tanning salon next week.
  2. By the same token he is wrong about a 50% tax bracket which very few will end up paying. I imagine that avoidance on an increased death duty threshold will be similarly commonplace.
  3. WOW the one eyed thief is going to cure cancer. That's a first for a world leader !
  4. Long and painful Labour ending in a Ceasarian.
  5. I should print that out and give it to them when you go on Saturday. Then report the forked tongued barstewards. God I hate them. Are they a chain ? Or a single operator ?
  6. Jeez, if this is true it is incredible. I thought I knew about all the disgusting tricks EAs play ,but this is a new one on me. I would honestly consult tpos on this, it sounds like it should be illegal. Words cannot express how much I despise this non profession.
  7. Baked beans and shotgun shells. or GOLD !!!!!
  8. Contact this site, report the EA. It is as close to regulation as this lawless industry gets. http://www.tpos.co.uk/
  9. My thoughts are, if you feel slightly guilty and embarrassed about the offer it's probably about right. Unscientific I know.
  10. No doubt your generation will have its cash cow. Baked beans and shotgun shells most likely.
  11. How dare you !!! I blame your happy life. Tax it... tax it HARD !!!!
  12. Or take that business to a new employer ? If that's possible. My job is extremely personality and relationship based, and part of the industry is companies poaching people for their contacts. If you have brought in this work, what is to stop you from taking it elsewhere, or even just doing it yourself on a contract basis.
  13. How about just trying to give up the booze for a week or so, alchohol is a very powerful depressive and is also full of calories. I have radically cut down my drinking due to an approaching 'milestone' (gah) birthday, I have lost half a stone and generally feel much better. It is hard, especially if you've had a sh1t day, but I have found that if you can just get past that initial urge the rest of the evening is easy.
  14. It is only a job after all. We spend so much time in the workplace we can get a skewed sense of what is really important. I happen to love my job but I do understand that I am probably in a minority. Getting 'revenge' by making some extravagant gesture as you leave won't make you feel better in the long run. If there are certain people you dislike I find sticking it to them in your exit interview is normally plenty, probably nothing will happen to them but hey, you got it off your chest.
  15. Since I started to cycle I have saved roughly £2500. I wonder if there is a graph to represent the rise in cycling with a drop in tube journeys. f0cking hate the tube. I would literally rather dice with death on the roads.
  16. Don't know about legislation, that is part of the problem, the f0ckers are under regulated. try this http://www.naea.co.uk/uploads/COP/resident...esofconduct.pdf
  17. Pretty sure what you're saying is accurate. EAs are obliged to pass on ANY offer pt on a property unless they have been given a minimum amount by the vendor. I have to say that most vendors would not bother giving a minimum amount to an EA because the EA will just use that figure to manipulate them further down the chain. There is no way I would tell an EA how little I would accept. I would inform him that he is obliged to pass on your offer and get a response from the vendor.
  18. This may be a daft idea but is there any sense in making all mortgages fixed for 25 years at 5% and 5x joint ? Scratch that , it is a good idea which is why it will never happen.
  19. I have increased my income by around 25% , which has been cancelled out by having a baby and being on one income.
  20. How does a flanders poppy pucker ? I would have thought it was more of a flutter, if they are in a breeze, that is.
  21. Not the one I stayed in recently, two nights, double with cot for baby, two suppers for two. £600. Could have had an all inclusive week in Turkey for that. It was a "destination " hotel though (whatever that means)
  22. I recently posted a demo from a band I was in when I was a teenager on YT. I doubt there will be any copyright issues. The main pitfalls will be people you know laughing at your adolescent musings.
  23. If anyone remembers this episode of South Park? Very relevant to this thread. \\http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Rock_Hard Ironically it can be viewed for free on the internet.
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