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  1. I looked at one of the Pages walk houses. They look great from the outside, but they are small, ceilings are not that high, and if you want an upstairs bathroom you have to accept two bedrooms. The one I looked at was being marketed as a 3 bed but one of the bedrooms was downstairs and next to the kitchen.... sounds like a dining room to me ?? It was on at 420k ish this time last year, I think it got taken off the market, it was in quite poor decorative order (needed new kitchen, new bath, flooring etc etc.) It's ridiculous that Londoners ASPIRE to live in what were low paid manual workers cottages.
  2. Yes, IMO. Also to allow banks to re-capitalise by chiselling borrowers. Kuntz
  3. Since the BOE rate bears no relation whatsoever to the "real" interest rate they could very well stay at 0.5% for a long time. As far as I see it the average mortgage SVR is around 3.5% and the rate for an unsecured loan is around 7.0%. Those are the rates which affect the great majority of credit consumers.
  4. Harsh but accurate. However £250k for a non exLA one bed in that area is not that unusual. Metro Central Heights has comparable prices (and extortionate management fees). That whole area from the Bricklayers Arms roundabout up to E&C is one scary place, at least the Heygate is shortly to be no more.
  5. I reckon this is far more likely, also remember they are selling a virtual monopoly in rented accomodation in a particular area, that could be worth a premium to some unscrupulous types. F****tons anyone ?
  6. Or, you can polish a turd, but it will ruin your duster. Or you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter.
  7. Is the average male earnings ONS data or the average FT male salary of someone applying for a Halifax mortgage ? I have to say I tihnk this scenario is probably as likely as anything, several years of stagnation and another 10 year boom starting after the 'austerity' Olympics.
  8. You should have seen my father's reaction when Gordons dropped the strength of their Gin from 40% to 38% proof and kept the price the same. He hasn't bought it since.
  9. I remember getting a letter from the Inland Revenue just after I graduated asking if I would like to pay them £120 to ensure my NI credits were up to date as I had been at University for 3 years instead of working. I can safely say I have caught up with my NI payments over the last few years. I firmly believe that by the time we retire the state pension will be means tested and NI will be 20% for everyone. Hmm now where did I put my 'emigrate to Canada' information pack.
  10. Great, so in my situation I get precisely fVck all in the way of help from HMG. I'm not a big earner, I get paid better than most, but in no way am I rich. One point, does a career benefit claimant get a state pension ? If they havenever worked, how can they get credits via NI ?
  11. At last ,something I can agree with. Sadly I think it unlikely. With Europe sure to have a greater and greater influence on UK policy, anyhting a government 'with balls' would want to do is highly likely to be aginst EU law.
  12. Hmm I wonder what you do for a living? Might you possibly be schematically configuring complex hydraulic control systems? Unfortunately the world is not a fair place as many people are finding out at the moment, the notion of a meritocracy is a fine theory, so what do you suggest ? Some kind of revolution perhaps ? As to your assertion that fat or smelly people should lose some of your precious points. I vote that spelling be taken into account, in which case ,no house for you !
  13. Sh1t you can scrape off your gusset,diarrhea gets EVERYWHERE !
  14. What about this bit then, do you think this relates to home ownership in some small way ? "lets have some sort of financial disaster that sends house prices crashing." perhaps 51% can enlighten us, do you think home ownership is integral in being a member of society ? I have to state that personally I don't.
  15. OK I'm confused now, what else does "pricing people out of society forever" mean then ?
  16. Which is why predictions of any sort are a mugs game. 40% LTV for the best deals, but there are still a good number of 90% LTV mortgages out there. However, as ever you started a very interesting thread. I had forgotten quite how bleak ,sentiment was at the beginning of the year.
  17. What has home ownership got to do with being a member of society ? I suggest you give this site a rest for a little while pal. It's obviously warping your tiny mind.
  18. Have already mentioned this, but the recent posts links on the main page have disappeared. Being interested in the both the on and off topic fora this is a little frustrating. Any chance it's coming back ? There is a space for it on the main page. I am running Safari. OSX 10.5.8, is this the issue ?? Does it bother anyone else or am I a lone voice ?
  19. Latest topics on main board is blank, and has been since the 'up'grade. I am running safari on a mac, is this the issue ?
  20. Massive discount on right to buy. Give the Chavs cheap houses. Inflate another bubble and allow them to make a huge amount of unearned income when they sell said houses to yuppies in 10 years time, which they will then spend on pitbulls and Diamond White. Oh... hang on that's what they did last time.
  21. Why can't I see the 'recent topics' on the front page ? Has this already been mentioned ? Can't be bothered to wade through 19 pages of IT babble.
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