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  1. Delaying cuts is Labour policy.... cutting now is Tory, the 'report' supported delaying cuts, so good for Labour when their policies are seemingly backed up by 'experts'. Nicholas Winterton (Tory MP) interviewed on 5 Live suggested that people who travel in 'economy' on trains have 'a totally different outlook on life to those who travel 1st class' came across as a proper snobbish twit. The Aussie is neither here nor there really, I was just pointing out that whatever he is reporting on he seems to be on the verge of orgasm. I think another poster was implying that his excitement was related to the report supporting a Labour policy thus reinforcing the belief that the BBC is merely the mouthpiece of the Labour Government, something I don't happen to agree with. I just think that the Beeb is full of University educated middle class largely liberalish leftish people who are terrified of Dave getting into power because he will take the hedgetrimmers to the whole bloated self satisfied edifice.
  2. To be fair he creams himself over everything. This combined with, the Nicholas Winterton interview makes a pretty bad day for the Tories.
  3. Hmm dunno, it would be helpful to see some employment stats. The obvious answer is that.. in Wales anyway, all the pits closed and there was nothing to replace them. Government is lobbied heavily to 'do something', then moves large departments DVLA for example to Wales. Also the more long term unemployed you have, the more counsellors, back to work executives, regeneration consultants etc etc you need.
  4. Nail. Head. Did I hear that 1 in 3 are public sector employed in Wales ?
  5. Are you still looking in Bermondsey ?Is it a new development ? Shared ownership isn't a problem, they are very likely to be key workers..... nurses ,firemen etc. It's HA s that do social renting that you should be worried about. If it's an older development just look around it on a few different occasions, is it dirty ? Messy? Dodgy looking people hanging around, also what does your gut tell you. I have found this to be the most valuable thing when buying property.
  6. Don't be silly... mentalism can only ever go up.... quick jump on before you miss the boat.
  7. I have lived in Bermondsey for the last 5 years, I love it (the bit I live in anyway). It's a 2 tier place really, I would say that it gets progressively more horrid the further east you get from Bermondsey Street/Square. The area around the Tube is truly scary. There is St.James Square if new build floats your boat. Also the Artesian building on Grange Rd by the Spa, although I doubt you would get anythng for £200k. I own a flat in Solarium Court on Alscot rd which I rent out. There may well be flats in that building in your price range. It's a good building, 15 mins walk from London Bridge, Borough Market and 10mins from Bermondsey Sq, with its new cinema and restaurants. (not an agent... honest ) Have a look on the SE1 forum SE1 Forum to get a feel for the area. As I said I really love the area and have never felt unsafe there. There are signs of gentrification (new developments, restaurants) happening along Grange rd, due to the Spa Regeneration project. My wife calls it 'Bermondsey Street creep'. Agents will tell you the most desirable areas are west of Tower Bridge rd and north of Long Lane, I would be surprised if you could get anything in that area for £200k ,but if you look a little outside that you may find something. PM me if you need an opinion, I know the area pretty well, and I have no VI other than I like living there.Edit to Say. If you live west of the Tube you are actually in zone 1.
  8. I realise it's a bank now, but building societies always used to have rules like that. Back in the day C & G used to take 7 working days to clear a cheque even though banks would only take 4.
  9. Indeed, correct me if I'm wrong but neither H'row or Gatwick are in London. My Uncle was cabin crew on BA for 30 years, it's a very cushy job, with all the Champagne you can nick and a nice line in hooky duty free fags. Plus they get free flight for themselves and family even after they retire. If it is indeed true that they are paid twice as much as Virgin, I hope BA sack the lot of them, it's pure greed. It is simply the market finding a true value for their services.
  10. This is correct AFAIK. The original contract will/ should have a section on what happens after the initial period. The only change for you is that you only have to give 1 month notice.
  11. Not as far as I understand it. To keep the maths simple. Banker is on a £150k salary so anything over this is taxed at 50%. Bank pays him/her a £1m bonus 500k goes in income tax from the banker. The bank has to pay another £500k for the privilege of paying the banker a £1m bonus. So, the banker ends up with £500k of his bonus and the government get £1m half from the bankers income tax and half from the levy on the bank.... I think.
  12. Got it in one, as I said before it is an attempt to de-incentivise the paying of big bonuses.
  13. I think the crux is that only some of the banks are partly owned by taxpayers. It seems to me that this is a deterrent tax, he is trying to stop them paying bonuses, which is why they will 'only' make £500 million in revenue on this tax.
  14. +1Renters tend to be much more picky about location and fit and finish. I guess when you are buying you try and look beyond a naff kitchen or an olive bathroom suite because you have the option to potentially change it. I have a few properties and one was turned down by a prospective tenant because it didn't have a gas hob.
  15. Do it. Why wouldn't you ? It's not your fault prices have gone up against all logical reasoning.
  16. +1 the man should be in jail. What staggers me is a significant proportion of this toxic debt was given out just weeks before they were part nationalised. £1.5 billion in bonuses? Over my dead body (is what Broon should be saying).
  17. My commute is 20mins. I am lucky enough to live in zone 1 and I cycle. The same commute takes 40 mins on the bus. I used to cycle further but have recently changed jobs. I reckon if you have showers at work and live less than 10 miles from your work, cycling is a great way to get to work. The ride home is a real stress buster.Plus, work pays for my bike via a cycle to work scheme, which gets you a bike VAT and tax free.
  18. I think the average of the respondents was £93k household, not £100k..... not much difference I know.
  19. I agree, middle class was the definition on the thread. I think the term has applied to a larger and larger proportion of the populus as time has gone on, snobbery and social mobility leading to people stating that they are middle class. The percentage of privately educated children is around 8%. My point is that I believe that there are many things that were within the reach of relatively well paid people which aren't now. As evidence I site the number of private schools going bust.
  20. There was a very interesting thread a while ago (can't be bothered to find it) about how much it would cost to fund a 'middle class' lifestyle, i.e private school, riding lessons, 2 foreign holidays, 4 bed detached etc etc. I mentioned this to my Dad at the weekend quoting that the outcome was that you would need a household income of around £250 - £300k. My upbringing was not too far away from this and he said that in the late 70s early 80s he was earning around £25k. As mentioned before the growth trajectory is unsustainable. My household income is in the £130k range and there is no way I could afford to give my children the same upbringing I did. This country really does need fixing.
  21. Blimey, I thought that included your personal allowance. Suddenly I feel very slightly richer. Thanks for correcting me.
  22. Blimey, I thought that included your personal allowance. Suddenly I feel very slightly richer. Thanks for correcting me.
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