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  1. B-b-b-ut how on earth am I going to get my outreach co-ordinated ? And what about the lesbians ? Who is going to make sure they are claiming all their benefits ???
  2. Just to add my 2p, I was brought up in the burbs and now live in zone 1, yes it has it's bad side but so does anywhere. I have a garden, my daughter will be going to a very good state primary. I can walk to the South Bank in 20 mins and Tower Bridge in 15. I am not a millionaire, and my house was not that expensive. People seem to focus on the high priced areas... Chelsea,Fulham etc but there are plenty of nice areas in London where you can get a family home for less than 500k. Having lived in several other cities , I can safely say that there is nowhere else in the UK that remotely comes close
  3. Anecdotal: When Guy Hands bought EMI, he had his accountants go through the books. Like most record companies they were living in the la la land where downloads never happened and they could still get away with marking up CDs 200%, and of course spending accordingly. There was one expense "flowers and chocolates" that the accountants could find no receipts for, the "flowers and chocolates" budget was running at around £230k per annum. Hands and his beancounters were understandably perplexed, on further investigation "flowers and chocolates" were found to actually be the corporate class 'A' drug budget.
  4. If they've offered, then I think it's a good idea, if they can get the mortgage and it's all above board. One thing I would do is take out some kind of payment protection insurance to cover your parents if you were to lose your job. If your parents want to help you, I think this is a good way to do it. All it is, is playing the system... and I think most of us are guilty of that, at some time or other.
  5. There are two main issues, your parents age. I'm guessing that with you being 29 the youngest they would be is 48-49ish. Most mortgage companies will be very picky about lending a new mortgage to someone of that age, of course the very low LTV may mitigate this. Second issue is many lenders have rules about what you can MEW for, mine for example will only lend for home improvements and asks for quotes and receipts as proof.
  6. The crucial thing is equity, if you have loads then any BS or bank, state owned or not will lend you cheap money against your house.
  7. mortgage debt of £350k on a portfolio worth roughly £700k (1 house, 2 flats which were worth £900ish at peak... hey ho). All mortgages are overpaid with all net income going back into the properties, mortgages paid off in circa 6 years.2k on 0% credit card until December when I will pay it off. Wife has $15k American Student loan, will be paid off in 5 years
  8. I don't know how good a teacher you were, but my brother (music teacher in the private sector) starts work at 8am and stops at 4pm and does no work during the holidays, a fact he constantly reminds me of. Teaching is by no means easy, and I don't think anyone is suggesting that. However being paid a full time wage for what is essentially a part time job sounds like a great deal to me.
  9. +1 6.75% for 35 years is a rip off. The BS are actually guaranteeing themselves a fairly decent return for a very long time. The IR should be 5% at the most for this kind of deal. Even considering the 90% LTV.
  10. Hopefully not adding to the confusion. "Infamy..etc" Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar in "Carry on Cleo". "Titter Ye Not" "Salute" "Ooooooooh" etc Frankie Howerd.
  11. So unless they bought the house with a 100% mortgage (which is possible). They are not in negative equity, they are just losing a small amount of money on their sale. TBH honest they should be biting your hand off as houses in many areas even now are selling for 2003 prices.
  12. News just in... 'speculator talks down market to take advantage of short position' shocker !
  13. Ah but remember the working age population is around 35 million so that's 1 economically inactive person in every 3.5 !! i.e 2/3rds of the population are working to support the other third. WOO HOO !
  14. I don't understand why anyone who only lives 5 miles from work would drive! Cycling 5 miles will take you roughly 30 mins, that means 1 hour of good exercise per day, which means buns of steel, more energy and no love handles.
  15. +1Remind her that she has to pass on ALL and ANY offers by law. BTW she's not Irish and called Jennifer is she ? That kind of behaviour sounds oddly familiar.
  16. The rumours I hear are that R1 will be sold. I for one think the TV license represents value for money, I work alot for the Beeb as a contractor and there IS alot of waste and self entitlement within the workforce there. On the other hand they always seem to be making people redundant. The BBC makes the programmes that other stations don't have the cash/inclination to make. Look at the nature output, no one else could afford to make Planet Earth... even then it was a co-production with Discovery. I think though ,if they are reducing services then the license fee should be reduced. I also think that if the Beeb were to go to a subscription service many of the license fee haters would be quite surprised at how many people signed up for it. As an aside HBO has roughly the same total budget as the BBC $3 billion, but it only makes drama.... no news,websites, radio etc etc.
  17. Completely agree with this. Certainly as far as Hospitals go, when my wife was in having our daughter the impression I got was that the patients really were getting in the way of the main thing, which was the running of the Hospital. The notion of 'customer service' is not one most people in the NHS are familiar with, although we are their customers as surely as if the NHS were a chain retailer.
  18. They ended badly only because she went too far with them. I think (hopefully) we all realise that this country was in a pretty bad state in the mid 70s, is it worse now ?? The initial cuts she made had to happen, also the trimming of union power. Problem was she became a bit of a 1 trick pony, cut this, privatise that..... and right to buy ? Don't get me started.
  19. Don't worry, neither could I. I did notice quite a dip in prices in places like the Jam Factory and Alaska building last year though.
  20. SE1 has a few more on, Grange Walk just off Tower Bridge Rd has 3 for sale, that's more than I have ever seen on that road in the 5 years I have lived in the area. Don't know what the price comparisons could be because so little has been sold there recently. FYI a 1 bed house is going for £550k (yes £550,000) 1 bed in SE1 That said it is unique, if you wanted to spend another £15k you could get a 2 bed terrace further down the street. Don't know if these are 2007 prices because I'm pretty sure nothing sold around here in 2007.Edit to say nothing sold on that road rather than nothing in that area.
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