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  1. The idea that £55k is a 'mega salary' is silly, especially in the context of the City. Also,crazy as it may seem £500k will get you very little in 'Central' (Zone 1 or 2) London. You might. if you can find one, get a 2 or 3 bed terrace in se1 or se5 for around the £450k mark. A 35 yr old city financial sector worker with 8-10 years experience, should as a minimum be earning £150-200k if he or she is a high flier, the sky is literally the limit.
  2. If it's the one about the Brits in Cantoria under threat of demolition, it's on Youtube.
  3. Cheapest 3 Bed I could find.
  4. Anyone got a linky ? It's not on ITV player for some reason.
  5. It's only illegal in certain circumstances. If the person being made redundant is, for example returning from maternity leave. It is illegal for them NOT to process her application before any external ones. In this instance it makes no difference where the money comes from, it is just employment law. The law states that it is the employers responsibility to make every effort to find the employee being made redundant, alternative employment within the organisation.
  6. As one who works 'in an arty profession' when people are paying you lots of money; attention to detail, including spelling and grammar are of paramount importance.
  7. What does equivalised mean ? What a horrible American mangling of a word.
  8. I should have qualified that to 'move' rather than buy, but seriously you have never read a thread on here that says '....my missus is really giving me earache, she wants a house and she won't let up ...' etc etc. I realise that you can't force someone into buying, but you can be coerced. Also forced sellers will always out number those being coerced/nagged etc, but to say that people are never forced to buy ? Not true.
  9. Damn beat me to it Utter rubbish people absolutely can be forced into buying by similar factors as those forced into selling, the only difference is usually the urgency. i.e the couple who have a baby in a 1 bed flat can probably wait a couple of years before their situation becomes difficult. The divorcing family in their 3 bed house will want to get things settled pretty sharpish.
  10. Here you go (from hmrc)What is Private Residence Relief?When you sell or dispose of your own home you don't usually have to pay any Capital Gains Tax - as long as for all the time that you've owned it both of the following apply:it's been your only home or main residenceyou've used it as your home and nothing elseYou may also qualify for this relief if you sell part of the garden that's attached to your home without selling your home at the same time.
  11. I may be wrong but isn't CGT exempt for your primary residence ?
  12. Well that's lucky, because there aren't any. Not within zone 3 in a half decent area.
  13. I have re-read the article and I think the £620 figure is gross, later on the article states £510 as the net figure adjusted for housing costs (whatever that means). If that's true then there really is a serious disconnect, however not everyone has a mortgage. I am going by memory but isn't only 30% of the GB housing stock mortgaged ?
  14. Yup agree , don't understand the whining about CGT though, it was 40% just a couple of years ago. *pedant mode on* it's lose not loose *pedant mode off*
  15. Yup, I didn't want to assume though. TBH any decision made by a woman in her third Trimester is likely to be less than sensible. So buying a house should be the last thing on his mind.
  16. Very bad time to for two reasons. 1. Your decisions will be affected by your need to 'nest' (I know I have been in the same position)2. We are in for protracted uncertainty. Just rent, also remember you will be on one income for the next year or so.
  17. Is the star of David pattern intentional ? It looks like France has the greatest exposure, I'm surprised they aren't making more noise about it.
  18. Didn't mention it, but if the rest of the things he was talking about come to pass it's unlikely to be good, mind you higher interest rates could be beneficial to FX.
  19. The usual really, no credible plan to deal with deficit. Worse levels of debt than the 70s, £50bn needs to be taken out of public spending per annum. "it's going to be horrible.... HORRIBLE.... " interest rates will go up, possibly a lot. etc etc.
  20. I think he meant 2% on gilts not interest rates.
  21. We got a surveyor to value it and do a full survey at the same time. The survey cost £700 and he threw in the valuation. Then both the vendor and ourselves got the land registry data for the street/area and came up with an acceptable price. When an EA is the middle man they automatically factor in their fee and either manipulate the price up or down to suit their targets or timescale. It is this kind of sharp practise which is partly to blame for HPI. It is a freehold house and so the conveyancing was quite straightforward, we completed in 8 weeks which is the fastest I have ever done it. I would say it's a good way to buy a house, without EAs muddying the waters and trying to stitch you up for their own gain, it was a far less stressful exercise.
  22. I did this, I just went on foot and posted a note through the door of any house I liked the look of whether it was for sale or not. Don't bother with EAs, they are generally beyond help. It worked BTW, I bought the house privately, cutting out the agent saved aorund £6k in fees and God knows how much in time saving and avoiding miscommunications.
  23. I can add a recommendation for Bermondsey, Shad Thames by Tower Bridge, Bermondsey Street and Bermondsey Sq all very nice. SE1 gets progressively more Chavvy the further outside these areas you go. Buildings to look at if you want a nice apt, Jam Factory, Alaska Building, Tabard Sq, all 10 mins walk from London Bridge which is on the Jubilee. Lots of good pubs and restaurants in the area, plus there is an art house cinema on Bermondsey Sq.
  24. OK.... still pompous. The problem is the only thing that will make prices fall is the market and all that that entails. For years now posters on HPC have routinely been wrong about what may or may not happen to the housing market. You may be doing your 'bit' , attempting to educate but TBH if the wider public were interested or indeed cared then I think prices would already have come down. What you're trying to do is admirable (providing stability for your family) but the way you're going about it seems unecessarily complex. Just make the offer that you are happy, and can afford, to make. If they accept, great. If they don't leave it on the table and carry on looking. It sounds like you're trying to 'educate' them into selling at your offered price.... this will probably not work.
  25. Fair to middling... no more than that.If I were the OP I would definitely be doing something more constructive with my Saturdays... mowing the lawn..... playing with my daughter... making jam etc etc. The wider populace and especially greedy vendors really don't want to hear the accumulated wisdom of HCP.co.uk. By all means make cheeky offers as you never know what the vendors position is, but trying to educate them ??!! At best a waste of time, at worst... extremely pompous.
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