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  1. Hmm they have also failed to pass on many of the interest rate reductions... their SVR is 4.8% at the mo. grrrr
  2. Yes I noticed that, the Champagne used to be £9.95.... damn that Euro. Gin, vodka and whisky still good value though... drinking problem me ?? They also do a very good Chablis for a fiver. Disclaimer : I do not work for Lidl.... but I do have a small baby and I find being drunk makes the crying quieter
  3. [quote name='bagsos' the wine at Lidl is not that cheap and not very good) ! I disagree...."Real" Champagne for £11.95 not bad at all .
  4. I pulled out of a purchase in Jan '08 over gazundering after having paid arrangement fees survey etc about £1000, as that was when the credit crunch really started to bite. Completed on the SAME property last month for £70k less.
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