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  1. I think that there are just too many VIs to let a crash of that magnitude happen. It would mean a real terms reduction of over 50% from todays average, that would involve, to quote Billy Bob Thornton in Armageddon “Pretty Much the Worst Parts of the Bible†and I just don't think that it could happen, there would be a revolution first.
  2. Sad to say but undoubtedly true. Great post BTW. My Dad bought his first house a 3 bed semi in the London suburbs (not 1 bed slavebox with kitchendinerlounge) for £5k on a salary of £2k. I cannot see a 3 bed semi in the south east, commutable to London going for £60-70k, even now... or in 4 years time.
  3. Anyone have any stats on how many cars are bought with MEW ? I walk around looking at all the new/expensive 2nd hand cars on the road and wonder (as I'm sure most of you do) how on earth did they pay for that. I thought that the average wage, even in London was certainly under £40k, so why do I see so many Aston Martins, Bentlys BMW X5s, Porsche Boxters etc etc
  4. Agree wholeheartedly. I'm afraid that I can't point to a specific thread, but I have been reading this site for a few years despite only joining recently, and there does seem to be some overly gleeful schadenfreude occasionally. I also bought in late 2008, 20% - 25% off peak with sensible multiples because my wife wanted a house in which to bring up our daughter.
  5. +1 It was one of those posts that you have to read twice to make sure you understood it
  6. I am by any definition a high earner as is my wife. I don't think I have any illusions that I am extremely lucky to be paid as well as I am, and I am acutely aware of how little some people earn. Roll on HPC.
  7. Engineer a Libyan invasion of Gibraltar, using a document found on the internet and then "enhanced" by someone in Tory central office. Liberate the brave Barbary Apes, have large victory celebration etc etc.
  8. It is nearer 10% according to a graph a few pages back.
  9. I don't know if it is restricted to the "young", all over Europe there has been a big upswing in support for Right Wing parties. This is what happens when things get tough, politics starts to polarise. We have been through 10 years of relative stability (9/11 etc notwithstanding) and there was very little to choose between the parties. I think we may well see the Tories setting out a far more right wing manifesto when the next GE happens, tough decisions bla bla bla.
  10. BBC perhaps ? I work in that industry and some of the settlements are ridiculous. Public sector doesn't have to be NHS, local government etc.
  11. +1 I felt it was a little out of step, what with the recession being over and everything : )
  12. Don't know if this has been put forward, but for £23k per annum I would happily have Hazel Blears living in my back bedroom, just so long as she did some light cleaning and babysitting. Which MP would you rent a room to ??
  13. My bit of the media "post production" has effectively been in recession for years, there is a regular round of companies going bust each year, although last year there were many more and I can see worse than that this year, but there are still people doing well, as the old cliche goes "what do people do in a recession ? They stay in watch telly and order pizza". As I mentioned in a previous post ,I have just been headhunted by an expanding company who have an eye on the future. However I did see a group of guys outside my local B and Q waiting for someone to come and offer them work.
  14. I don't how many recessions you have experienced but I was a young teenager during the 80s only 1 of my Dad's friends lost his job. However a friend from Sheffield said that in the 80s at his school his Dad was the only one who had a job. Recessions happen..... and people just get on with their lives, I agree that one of the differences with this one is the amount of media hype. I live in London and I don't see much difference ,other than house prices and rents dropping. I work in the media and have just been headhunted, so there are companies out there who are still actively recruiting. PS It is easier to get a table in some of the more exclusive restaurants at the moment though.
  15. I absolutely agree. However I do see things I have never seen before, last weekend at my local B and Q a crowd of men waiting around for someone to give them some work. I was buying paint and one Eastern European bloke asked me if I wanted him to do the painting for me..... soup lines... not yet, but that experience really reminded me of images from the 1930s.
  16. "Relatively much visible" ? Somewhere you would like to live perhaps. If you offer 35% off 2007 peak you may be OK as long as you have a 30% deposit.
  17. Yes there are Rolls Royce and BAE systems, aerospace hmmm.... a good time to be building planes ? Having said that Bristol is a great place to live, it has improved considerably from the mid 80s but since we appear to heading back to that time....
  18. Hmmm not sure about that, I am from Bristol and it is principally the MOD and financial services. Although probably still better off than Bath , say . Which relies heavily on tourism and an overinflated property market caused by London weekly commuters.
  19. Yes..... Goldman Sachs have an awful lot of US Govt bailout money to spend. Check some of the market manipulation threads.
  20. I agree that we need some balance, but for Chr1st's sake, WHAT ON EARTH IS THERE TO BE BULLISH ABOUT ! Look around you.... please !
  21. Hmmmmm...... Googling "public sector non job" might give you a few ideas on what to cut back on. "Street football co-ordinator" WTF
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