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  1. I would re-iterate Telometer's point but in a slightly less condescending way. Even at that low level , the property represents a bad investment, and yes regulated tenancy has a disastrous effect on prices.
  2. http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...amp;pid=3955233 One bed flats in SE1 (zone 1) nice ones, not crack dens going for £180ish.
  3. +1 Because we are so close to it, we think we understand it.
  4. I own a mid Victorian three bed terrace off Grange rd, bought Jan '09 ,20% off an already reduced price (vendors son desperate to get his hands on his inheritance, greedy b'stard). It had been renovated (not brilliantly, by aforementioned son) so some work still needs doing. Seeing the same type of house on the market (not selling mind you) for around £30k more than we paid. Still confident I did the right thing, now have 6 month old baby. Also have flat in the area, (from my bachelor days) small mortgage, good rental return. Even at the reduced price of the terrace the vendor made well over £300k (se1 was not an expensive area in 1983) Getting the garden done this week.... happy days.
  5. I think that entire mainstream media is sh1tting itself because they keep seeing thier primary source of income (advertising) being eroded year on year. Murdoch is just applying the same model as his TV stations to his web based media. Not sure if it will work, but there will be many interested observers from other media companies. If it works for him you could see it rolled out for all news services, although not the Beeb (natch) which will see it's market increase massively, not a good thing IMO.
  6. No mockery from me. £115k for a two bed terrace sounds great.
  7. Where are you moving to ? Not anywhere near your present area I take it.
  8. Sorry I should have changed the question to how badly in comparison to other countries.
  9. Thats nothing. http://www.providentpersonalcredit.com/ 254% apr
  10. On HPC I keep reading about how the UK is being affected worse than any other G20 nation by the credit crunch. Then I read that other countries (Germany), are much worse off. Who is right ? Is it just our own tendency to believe that we are being screwed worse than anyone else and Eurosceptic paranoia ? Evidence, charts etc welcome.
  11. Agree !! I'm surprised that some you are able to save so much relative to income. We are on a single income at the mo (wife on maternity leave). Big mortgage, good wage (top 5%). I am still unable to find any more than around £400 per month tp save. Ho hum, perhaps we should all move back in with our parents.
  12. Rents in central London (zone 1) seem to be pretty flat. Nice 1 beds £800 - £1300 pcm. ( I am a landlord and keep an eye on these things.)
  13. "Travel links are yet another major plus - Fast, frequent and direct trains from Peckham Rye will whisk you to Victoria, London Bridge and Blackfriars (all in around 10mins). Bellenden Road is joyous! Grab a really good cappuccino and almond croissant at Lucius & Richards or some delicious scrambled egg and salmon round the corner at Petitou. You can drop off your frock/suit at the friendly dry-cleaners, pick up your paper in the useful newsagents and then browse in the best junk shop for miles around - sounds like a perfect day to us!" Then when you get back home you find that your plasma television and your wife's jewellery have been stolen by a crack head.
  14. Wooster and Stock are well known in the area for their overblown, stretching the bounds of believability descriptions. That will SURELY not sell at anywhere near that price. Peckham may have some nice roads but it is generally a pit.
  15. I think the answer is that they didn't pay for them. That would be the company selling the ad space. Titan experience, if memory serves. As a daily cyclist I have seen way more "fairweather" cyclists in London, this could explain lower tube numbers. (edited to add anecdotal)
  16. I live not far (250m) from there in a 3 (not 2) bed terrace with a big garden, closer to the river and it wasn't half a mill ,I can tell you. Pages walk is a little smarter now, but still ! I agree about the Bricklayers Arms foot tunnel though scaaaaarrryyy.
  17. Record price on this street ? Also new to the market. . http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...es%26index%3D10 Couldn't quite believe it when I saw this in an EAs window this w/e. FYI the last property on this street was on for £400k 10 months ago. Madness I tell thee.
  18. Wow. Just out of curiosity, what do you plan to spend the money you save on ?
  19. Hang on.... when do we get this theoretical £60 ? If Monday at 12:01 am then probably around 06:30 am. My utilities for the last quarter ? £400 !!!!! (water lecky gas).
  20. I lurked here for 3 years before registering.... just lazy I guess.
  21. Are you sure you paid a "fair price" initially. Also surveyors valuing for remortgage or MEW (god forbid) will always come in lower than an EA especially at the moment. Did you mention to the EAs that it had been valued at 310 by a surveyor ?
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