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  1. As with many industries which had a shortage of well qualified intelligent staff that were well paid, many people jumped in hoping they could ride the same train, unfortunately this industry now has more staff than it needs, thus pay levels are static/ falling and offshoring is rife. I'm sure that IT will find it's natural level eventually, but it has been in a bubble as far as wages are concerned for a long time. Just like the media / journalism and to a certain extent, trades, pay and conditions are all dependant on how many people are needed to satisfy demand.
  2. Ahem (from a mortgage rates site) "The current standard variable rate for Santander Mortgages is 4.24% which is one of the highest in the mortgage industry."
  3. Ours cost around £12k. I wonder if the directors will be band from running another business.
  4. I have seen a roadrunner near the Rio Grande in New Mexico, elevation, roughly 5000ft. Most of the desert in NM is 'high' desert i.e over 2000ft above sea level.
  5. I have a lot of time for her.... but cougar ?? errr no. Cougars are generally quite fit older women, not ones who look like pst op trans-sexuals.
  6. Also just heard UK Film Council is on the way out.
  7. WTF does the Health Protection agency do that the NHS doesn't ?
  8. I can see the CEO is going to have to lilo for a while.
  9. Hopefully after this setback the management can put their futon the road to recovery.
  10. The remaining stock is to be put in Di-van, to be moved to storage.
  11. They tried to bolster the share price but managing the finances became to much of a valance(ing) act.
  12. It's obscene, I work in TV (sometimes for the BBC) and as per most organisations, private or public, the least productive people get paid the most. I wonder how many of that 382 who get paid >£100k actually make radio or telly programmes ? In reality probably about 50 of them. For the people 'at the coal face' programme makers, directors ,producers etc. They get paid less than they would in the private sector, but as has been mentioned before, it's very difficult to equate private and public sector jobs. The Beeb is a very comfy, middle class organisation, there are plenty of people working there who simply wouldn't cut it in the private sector.
  13. Must be at least 1m ,remember all those people, who rent a property with 'permission to let' from the BS and of course those who just let out a property without any permissions on a residential mortgage, (I know at least 3 people who do this).
  14. Media, Central London.Quiet at the moment (hence the reason I am on here). Lots of stuff coming up in August all the way through to the end of the year. My industry is feast or famine. The whole industry is in a bit of a sh1t state. Advertising revenues have halved in the past few years which affects us all, companies going bust quite frequently. My company is on a pretty sound financial base so we are fine, but we shouldn't be this quiet at this point in the year. Last year was a bumper year for us though so cash in the bank.
  15. If fiat collapses, does this mean that my mortgage becomes worthless too ? If so Yippee....
  16. This is the inherent problem with the system. I as a working person, with no tax credits or any other type of benefit, have to cut my cloth as far as living expenses go. If I cannot afford to rent or buy in Kensington, it's very simple, I can't live there. Mr or Mrs lha claimant seems to be able to say, 'I live in central London, I have 5 kids, I need a 6 bedroom house in St Johns Wood please.' the LA doesn't seem to have any say in the matter? Can anyone shed some light on this ??
  17. They will have to do the thing I have been ranting about for ages...... move somewhere cheaper, just like a working family would have to do if they couldn't afford £2k a week in rent.
  18. Such a shame, I was brought up in Purley during the 70s and Croydon was just the place where we went shopping and to the Cinema and also (if we were really lucky) McDonalds in the Whitgift Centre as it was one of the only ones in the UK at the time. Sad to hear it has gone downhill so badly. As I remember it was a Town, so therefore a little rough, we felt slightly superior coming from the more 'exclusive' Purley : )
  19. As usual both sides of this argument are making assumptions (probably wrong ones). Not everyone can live in 750 sq ft. I have a child, we had to move from a 1 bed flat to somewhere larger to accommodate a growing family. Not everyone is into high density, low clutter living. Some people find reassurance in possessions and living space. To disparage them is a little small minded. Diff'rent strokes.
  20. As ever HPC is wildly unrepresentative of the population at large, for a start I bet a significant number of the economically inactive don't own a computer and can't afford broadband..... (but do have Sky : )
  21. Apologies, I should have said investment banking or City law firms. The figures I put in my post are merely anecdotal of friends and family who work in investment banking. Also junior partners in headhunters can earn well into 6 figures.
  22. I believe in working smart not working hard. There are people in my industry who work ridiculous hours, the only reason I can see for this is they are not very good at their jobs.
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