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  1. Sorry timdp but no website is unhackable and there is more than one reason for people wanting to hack this one if you know what I mean!
  2. It was patched quickly but by the time a security hole is discovered and a patch released by the software vendor a number of days can have elapsed.
  3. We recently communicated to you that we had suffered a hack via an Invision security loophole. It looks like the hacker also harvested an unknown number of email addresses from the database for the purposes of spam. Whilst the website was down we had a look at the security, talked to Invision and made a few changes to beef up the security of the website. We still cannot guarantee that this website will not be hacked again in the future but then again nor can any website on the internet including government websites etc. The problem with the Internet is there has to be a balance between having an interactive website and also having adequate security. Unfortunately there are a lot of clever hackers out there who like nothing better than to exploit any security loopholes that they find. We would ask you all as a precaution to change your passwords on the site using the facility in My Controls: My Controls > Options > Change Password Please also be aware that you may now receive spam emails to the email address that you registered with this website. We apologise for this recent turn of events but hope that you will understand that it is not possible to have a website that is 100% secure especially when using well known 3rd party software that hackers are continually seeking to exploit. On the bright side, Invision have advised us of their new security features in the next version of Invision Powerboard which shows that they are committed to the security of their software.
  4. It looks like the email address data has been compromised when we were hacked. We're going to put a post up soon about this on the main forum.
  5. Please can you give us some more information: What browser are you using? What connection are you on? Dialup? Broadband? If Broadband then what speed. Any other information.
  6. Can you post this on the news blog please: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/blog-add.php
  7. We don't believe so but would strongly advise everyone to change their passwords as a precaution.
  8. No, this is normal. You cannot edit posts older than 24 hours old. This is done to prevent people going back and editing their posts to make the threads read differently. This was quite a problem at one point which was why it was implemented.
  9. We're back up and running again for now. We suffered a hack via an Invision security loophole that I hope has now been fixed although we will have to keep an eye on it. This has affected loads of other websites that use the Invision Powerboard software so we were not alone and also not directly targeted. Apologies for it taking so long to sort out but we also had to implement some new security measures to beef up the forum security. PLEASE NOTE: If you see any dodgy IFRAME code in your PM's then just delete it If you see any dodgy IFRAME code anywhere else then please notify a moderator or admin immediately All new registrations will now have to be manually validated by admin in addition to being email validated You cannot low be logged on in 2 places at the same time. This is to reduce the risk of session hijacking
  10. We are going to add the 728 x 90 leaderboard banner to the top of the forum pages where it used to be before.
  11. The PM service is not available to the "New Members" group. Please see this post: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=21810
  12. Just checked this aswell and should be working for you Warwickshire Lad.
  13. I think I will change this page from a pie chart for a standard graph though and bring it up to date so that we can see what is happening with first time buyers.
  14. We need to add a search facility to the New Blog section that covers comments and articles. This has been suggested by one of our forum members.
  15. If the boss is coming then click on the "Boss" button and a spreadsheet appears. When the boss has gone, just click on the speadsheet and you are back to where you are.
  16. Just to clarify: This website is focused on discussion about the housing market and economics. www.pricedout.org.uk is focused on campaigning for affordable house prices.
  17. Feel free to organise a Midlands/North pub meet.
  18. Just incase anyone has missed the pinned thread above, the Pub meet is tonight.
  19. I was just pointing out that the tenant analogy wasn't that accurate.
  20. That's the cost for a license for the forum software, but there's also hosting and development costs. We'll give heads up on this forum of any future changes.
  21. I agree, tenants pay to live in a property, you guys get all this for free!
  22. The reason why we reverted back is because we were seeing how well these new ad placements performed and we needed to have a reasonable amount of data to do this. We also responded to well reasoned, sensible correspondance from regular members who said that the extra ads were affecting their overall experience of the website. We're not saying that we're not going to add anymore ads to the website, what we're saying is that we're experimenting with different ideas and will listen to feedback in order to strike a balance between generating sustainable revenue to at least cover costs and development expenses and we'll also probably give you all advance notice of these things in future.
  23. Because that's not the reason. If we wanted to stop that ad then we'd just add it to the AdSense filter.
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