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  1. Give me 5 minutes and I'll post up the edited version. OK here it is: Listen to the recording (MP3)
  2. Yeah, that was me although they read my email wrongly and said that I thought it was a good idea to by property abroad...yeah right!!! Mind you it stumped the French bloke about rising oil prices and the fact that you might have a nice place the other side of the world but you can't get to it in the future because you wouldn't be able to afford the airfare which would also mean that you probably wouldn't be able to sell it or rent it out either....great investment! I've recorded it and will post the mp3 download shortly. I think I will cut out the gumpf at the start for about 10 minutes with that French bloke or add it as a separate download for sheer comic value!
  3. The one showing at the moment is Blair with devil eyes. Is this the old one or the new one?
  4. Debate re overseas property Listen to the recording (MP3) Well he should be on but there's just some bloke talking about investing in property abroad and guaranteeing that you can double your money! He reckons Bulgiar is a catch but I think he's talking about Bulgaria!!! Right he's finally on now!!! 10:26 Good work Jonathan, a pity no-one listens to it!
  5. You can help us by adding news articles aswell by using this link: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/blog-add.php
  6. You could have a point here. What does everyone else think?
  7. It was just really to show on your profile whether you are a bull or a bear but I think we can probably pull out the percentages from the database.
  8. I think we'll stick to changing the avatars for Trolls and sticking them in the troll group!
  9. Tell us whether you are a bull or a bear by editing your pofile in My Controls.
  10. Yep, I'll second that Zag, it's been a while since we've had any mainstream coverage and never in the Independent before.
  11. Or could it be that the bears have said there piece about a thousand and ones times and are just sitting back watching it all pan out now.
  12. I visit lots of forums daily and they have loads more adverts than this one. Its a shame. Are you seriously telling me that now most of the averts have been taken off the site that there are too many? I might have to start listing other popular forums with links so that you can see the extent advertising on these.
  13. I heard someone say that if they can defer it for a 3rd time they have to cancel it. Is this true? Even if it is then I suppose they just make a bigger rise the next time!
  14. The government has deferred the increase in fuel duty twice so far and the next date for the increase is 1st September unless they choose to defer this again. Do you think that Gordon will defer this again? Can Gordon keep on deferring this? How much extra is it expected to be on Unleaded, is it 1.9p/litre?
  15. I think Alt+tab will do for that one! But I know what you mean.
  16. That's what Invision have told us so we can't do anything more than that. They wouldn't say it couldn't be decrypted if it couldn't as they would have a lot to lose by making false statements.
  17. The passwords are stored in an advanced encrypted format. Even with access to the database no one can decrypt the passwords.
  18. The passwords are stored in an advanced encrypted format. Even with access to the database no one can decrypt the passwords. It's me, honest guv! I don't know, but aren't you on the wrong website Flick?
  19. Marina, what you have to understand is that this forum is 3rd party software, all forum software has been hacked at one time or another and it's just a fact of life. Yes, we have the IP address of the Russian hacker that hacked into the site and the log files.
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