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  1. We're working on getting the RPI and CPI graphs onto the graphs section. Once they're up then we'll see what else we can do.
  2. We've got one already, you just have to switch it on. It's the on/off link at the right hand side of the grey navigation toolbar.
  3. Apologies guys, I was playing around with the RSS import feature in the forum software and it started working in the middle of the night which is why you would have seen about 27 posts by me which directed you to the BBC Business website. Looks like a feature that we could possible use on subforums but I'll have to give it a bit more testing!!
  4. It was only 3 months out of date. We were showing Q1 2007 and have now added Q2 2007.
  5. We are experiencing problems with registered Blog users not being able to post comments or articles since the server upgrade. Please bear with us while we investigate this.
  6. This wasn't posted on their website but here's the articleL
  7. We've added a lot more data to the UK base rate page and also fixed the bug on the graph so that when you hover over the green line it shows the the decimal as well as the whole number: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/graphs-base-rate-uk.php
  8. Hi, some good points there. Fubra are working on a new graphing tool. As soon as this is finished then we'll take another look at the graphs and add some new ones as this process for doing this will then be a lot simpler.
  9. We link to this from the homepage. That's pretty prominent! Christh is right though, it is out of date and needs updating. We'll have to have a word with Chris Parker.
  10. Not at all. We've published all the pricedout stories that have been submitted on the Blog. Please note though that unless you have an HPC blog account then there will be a delay between submitting the article and seeing it live as we manually check these.
  11. In an effort to convert more forum readers into members we will be adding a new advert which will only be shown to non-members Where will the extra ad be? Between the third and fourth post MEMBERS WHO ARE LOGGED IN WILL NOT NOTICE ANY DIFFERENCE - If you do then let us know as it will be a genuine error that we will resolve.
  12. Great idea, I'll have a word with Fubra and see what they can do.
  13. There's no secret about who owns HPC, Moosetea is correct it and it's all on http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/about-us.php
  14. 'I believe house prices will fall at least 25% over the next 4 to 6 years...' Thanks to the following for their techie help: foft, bomberbrown, cells, charliemouse, Cletus VanDamme Watch the video (avi - 5MB)
  15. We are trying to gather together a list of people that are willing to record our media clips on tv/radio into digital format. Media pieces tend to happen at the last minute and we end up rushing around to find someone that can record them so that we can put them up on the site. Please PM me or repond to this post if you are willing to help out with this.
  16. Fubra are working on the servers as we speak. Hopefully after this they will be able to beef them up a bit to cope with media spikes like this.
  17. Well done FP, fantastic piece of media exposure. A nice bearish view from Evan...loved the chairs falling over at the Property investors show!!!!
  18. Just going to watch it now, hopefully it'll be on!
  19. Hi Catflap, apologies for the delay, I've updated the economics papers now.
  20. I'll have a chap with the developers and see what they suggest.
  21. OK, I'll have a look at removing some of these although we can't have all positive predictions!
  22. Alright Jack, anyone can post articles and comments to the blog.
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