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  1. London Tonight Video I do like it when she gets angry!!!
  2. Not really BBB. The website was set up for the plight of first time buyers it just so happens that we have attracted quite a lot of people that have also sold their houses to rent. We couldn't get any potential first-time buyers to appear on TV so it was this or nothing.
  3. I agree with Bubble Pricker...I think that Kirsty has left herself wide open to slander!
  4. I fear that Kirsty is worried about being out of a job when the market crashes! How dare she say that this type of website is irresponsible. It is the type of property programmes which she shoves down our necks every night that have left us in this inflationary mess. :angry: All this website is doing is commentating on the facts as they are presented to us through the media and bringing together those people who share a similar viewpoint. Kirsty is a millionaire and probably has countless houses around the world.....but I think that she should take time out to consider those that are not even lucky enough to buy even their first home due to todays ridiculous house prices......which includes myself.
  5. How high will they go and when will they start falling?
  6. Please add your practical tips to help people negotiate down their rent when it comes to contracts being renewed.
  7. Woody, I think the thing with london is that there are so many unique and significant areas which are governed by post code, which are seen as a status symbol so you can tun the corner of one street and prices will be lower or higher depending on the postcode.
  8. I think that the MPC should follow up with another 0.25% rise in September.
  9. Prices in West London have been stagnant for the last 2 years. It's the rest of the country that have had the big rises, like Middlesbrough with 59% in a year....utter madness!!!
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