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  1. Hope not! D'you realise that such a vote would give Labour more seats than the Conservatives?
  2. I don't think it's a 'political mood' at all. Neither individuals nor groups can vote for a hung parliament - it just happens. It comes from a rare arithmetical quirk after voters have placed their crosses firmly in the boxes of their specific party choice. I agree that the current voting intentions as reflected in the polls are suggesting, more and more, a hung parliament. Even if people wish for one, there's nothing they can do to bring one about.
  3. They almost have! They're introducing another 50% 'levy' which will be paid for by the employer - that's in addition to any income tax due by the recipient.
  4. Yes, and the reason is that there is no agreement, yet, between a willing prospective tenant with a willing landlord. There is a cost to each of them - the first doesn't get the property he wants and the latter doesn't get any rent. One day, the tenant will either give up on the idea and look elsewhere or the landlord will find the lack of income unbearable. The property will be let, or sold or demolished, eventually. In the meantime, you'll continue to see the empty shop. But, there's no conspiracy. But, if you're still sure there is, give us some details to work on. Edited to add: Ju
  5. Then you live in some parallel universe to that which those in the commercial market live. Just think it through, SNaCR. You really believe that there are conspiracies within the landlord 'class' to fix rents and ensure they never reduce. How do you think that the landlords, particularly the smaller ones, survive and make their mortgage repayments when holding out for an unachievable rent? Next thing you'll be saying is that house sellers only have to club together and refuse to drop their prices and they'll all get whatever they ask for their property!! Get away from your cell and join t
  6. Why? Why can't the most important markets deal with it today i.e. Friday? Are you selling short today?
  7. If they think that the VAT cut made no difference, they won't have any objection to it going back up, will they? They can't have it both ways.
  8. Please explain. I'm sure you can do so, giving verifiable evidence. Obviously, a simple but meaningless claim of "You're very, very naive." won't be worth reading.
  9. You seem to be suggesting some sort of conspiracy - even on a local, town-wide, basis - between landlords. If you have evidence, then I suggest you report it to the authorities because I'm sure that's breaking some sort of competition law. Even if such a thing existed - which I very much doubt - how long do you think landlords would hold out? Wouldn't you find that small, local, landlords of one or two shops would break ranks and let the properties at anything they could get? Better than having the places repossessed by the bank, don't you think? The world isn't full of conspirators I thi
  10. Reports of its death may be exaggerated. If the market works, then vacant shops will be taken over by others - at lower rents, perhaps - to replace the failed former businesses who may have been inefficient or paying too much rent. It's natural for those who fail in business to seek a scapegoat. Usually it's the banks or 'unfair' competition or tax in some form or another. They rarely blame their failure on their own lack of business competence, payment of too high rents, proprietors' withdrawals not matched by profits or money-wasting activities like driving around in prestigious motor ve
  11. Advice: 2. Take the resolution of disputed Council Tax bills seriously and make it your business to ensure that your communications are actually received by the claimants. Don't assume that silence means they don't want the money. 1. Go to their offices and sort it out now.
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