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  1. No problem Einstein71, happy to add a voice to the debate....... although Im a little uneasy to appear like Im sticking up for some of the people you describe. Twats do, and always will, abound. Having travelled for a couple of years and seen no noticeable rise in numbers Im comfortable that the situation you describe is not going to trouble me any time soon, but example noted. I know since you travelled the rolling stock has increased, and the fact that a number of the Gatwick express trains carry on to Brighton, or begin in Brighton in peak has really helped any over crowding there once w
  2. If I see a pregnant woman sitting down, I make HER get up so I can sit down. I've had a busy day and my ipod needs its own table yeah?
  3. I think Im making you all grumpy ....but surely the fun/point of The Great Escape is new bands you've never heard of? Granted, 9 times out of 10 you'd rather stick sharpended pencils in your ears, but still....
  4. You see, now your commute sounds *horrible*....... A commute is always far more than "an hours train away" - anyone who moves anywhere on that basis is always going to end up in hell quite soon. And I guess that's what happens to a lot of people. For instance, just getting a tube at the other end would send me into a panic - I effing hate getting on that thing with 1000s of others... let alone having to do it every day I probably would of not moved on that basis alone. Again, I'm really not saying its a GOOD thing, and I skip and hop down the platform every morning with daisies in my ha
  5. Again, I do *sort* of agree with where you're coming from.....well, I dont disagree. I have been doing the commute for a few years now - no real problems? the main thing that pizzes me off is Brightonians asking me hows the commute is in worried tones every time I meet them! , but it is what you make it. Biking either end certainly helps alot. Doing more than reading the Metro and staring out of the window for an hour is a bonus. I think you may of read too much into my word "nice"? I was attracted to Brighton for the same reasons as you it seems, even if they have been watered down over t
  6. Let me expand slightly: The commute is certainly not ideal, in an ideal world (i.e. perfect good life) I would live 5mins from work and pop home for lunch, smashing! ......even the other side of Brighton would be brilliant. In the real world I made a career choice many moons ago that has limited my places of work and I dont wish to change this. Live in London? As we all know unless you have rich parents/big inheritance/mega pay packet/bought years ago this becomes some what limited. Move a bit further out? Well very easily in London you can be looking at 45min commute each way over not much
  7. TBH I do tend to agree with you, and from my experience care for elderly relatives can wipe out a "normal" sized inheritence quite quickly. Although million+ ones can be quite difference I expect. Yeah, I dont want to know your circumstances - just read a few pages of this thread after popping back in after a few years and thought it needed a bit of a poke.
  8. I feel like a bit of a troll today, but Im not, honest....... Really? Is this *really* what you believe? People buy houses thinking "not to worry, this will soon be sorted when Mum and Dad die. I can do whatever I like." I dont know your circumstances, but are you currently waiting for your parents to cark it? I cant believe many people think like that, especially with your example of your friends (nice friends BTW) who are happy to wait 30 years, like, nothing can possibly happen in the next 30years to change that outcome can it? I dunno, I just dont buy into this.
  9. ....The Marina is just an out of town retail park that happens to be in the sea. I wouldn't use this as an example of Brighton - its populated by the same chavs you get in every other retail/lesuire park in the land surely? I use it for a nice cheap Asda shop and that's all. It *could* be nice, but they would need to knock it down and start again.
  10. Just checking in to add a little balance here...... .....there always seems to be this negative talk of of the big orgre that is "people from London". I've certainly moved down from London, although like most I wasn't actually from London. I dont have pockets stuffed with money, and I didn't go crazy on buying at top wack either. And guess what? I commute back up every day for work and, you might want to whisper this, the commute is ok. I'd go as far as to say its quite pleasant and doesn't bother me. Brighton is a NICE place to live. I enjoy it. It was a good move.
  11. Sensible post. I concur. It is precisely these "work in London" types who help keep Brighton ticking over. When they roll their bags of cash off the train every day, ok, most of them just bathe in it, whilst cackling hysterically - but whats left they will use to go to that restaurant, spend in the nice pub, visit a theatre, or buy a painting. I also heard a rumour tourists do a similar thing, but I can't confirm it. Captain John Luke Picard III might look back all misty eyed (as we are all prone to do, it is in our nature) but a lot of Brighton is STILL a thriving, creative, interesting
  12. Well, my first response to your posts Capt'n was what a load of bigoted small minded clap trap that gets repeated adnusium in any location where people feel threatened but what they perceive to be outsiders. YAWN. Especially outsiders they can conveniently shove under one umbrella of hatred. But I resisted that sort of post, so that's good. London is only an hour away but you talk of it like some mythical place where everyone swans around in high paid jobs with cockney accents slowly devouring the world and looking for the next place to eat from the inside and laugh in the face of locals. Wha
  13. I agree with your assesment, but not how the figures will appear. These figures will be for agreed sales from around 3 months earlier (so January-ish?). There was a very obvious bounce in April/May of properties shifting, so this will effect the numbers for June/July and possibly August no? I would even predict a shown increase in prices when these are published, before dipping back into negative for the end of the year. IMHO the bounce is now receeding (and will continue to do so), but there are still a higher number of houses going under offer than at the beginning of the year.
  14. News from the front line: It personally feels like the mini bubble has popped in the 250k price point. After a few months of houses with multiple offers and best and final deadlines in the past couple of weeks offers seem to of been the only ones on the table. Suddenly Im getting phone calls and emails from estate agents again as well - bit panicy eh? Although it might take sellers who saw the house 4 doors away sell in 2 days for asking price a few weeks to realize they've missed the very small boat. ....lordy, I've even had an offer accepted. This doesn't take away from the mild stupidit
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