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  1. What he says makes a lot of sense - he may be angry but the content is all true. Heck I work for a hedge fund and have enjoyed the good times and am just about holding on now. I have never understood why the masses out there trust our industry. I've only been in it for 10 years but read 'barbarians at the gate' and you'' realise the culture has been like this for 20 years
  2. Denial is an ugly thing - the price crash is getting faster the problem is gonna be how many years it will take till the end. I know a few people who have already seen offering prices down 30-40%. for those dim old builders and estate agents they're in for a rough time! they ain't seen nothing yet!!
  3. I have been seriously looking at buying a house for my family over the last 6 months and although I have no intention to buy yet I am getting fun and games from the estate agents. A few times I have asked to see a property again and suddenly you would think the area I'm in is the one area in the UK which is immune from the realities of the price crash! Suddenly the house which has been on the market for a year has an offer on it and a price is slipped in to give me the 'heads up', of course this price is not good enough but the estate agent is trying to give me a feel for what the vendor is looking for! I still don't know whether or not to laugh or beat him over the head! In more patient conversations I do suggest it is strange how this house has not dropped in price at all and considering the numbers of such houses in the area I am looking - it is surprising? Of course this is a part of the 'fun' and psychological games in buying a house. But how do people deal with these comments and can guys out there think of some good put downs?
  4. Taleb speaks with such clarity its hard to understand why his critique is not being listened to. Hes been banging on about the structural problems for some years and its interesting that he has become so prominent recently. Quite brilliant
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