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  1. A Colleague was speaking to an Estate Agent today in a fashionable West Country City. The agent told him that Mortgages were so difficult to get that he was only showing cash buyers properties.
  2. I rent a house at the moment,and have done so since I sold up in 2003. What I have left from the proceeds of the sale is about what the sold house is worth now. But, I have been able to use the interest help fund University stuff for the kids and a whole load of other stuff -Including the deposit for my sons house-that I would never have had the money for by staying put ,even when the place shot up in value by £175000. And then lost some of that value. It looked like a disaster in 2004,but it seems like a good move now. Now with the criminally low interest rate for savers,and this affects kids saving for a deposit as much as older people, its not such a good idea. So -is it worth the effort of tying to find that elusive bargain.- which is a kind of reverse greed, or shall I just buy the best house I can afford and then never again read a property page,and completely wipe out all connection with the foul and appalling people that inhabit the world of estate agents.letting agents and the rest of their scumbag institutions. If your young and havent got the money then go to Europe and forget the UK.Rent there,or buy a barn,have fun.The manipulating bastards that run this country will never make it easy for you.
  3. Nobody apart from the well off foreign cash buyer and a few no-hopers are buying property- In London,mostly. So, what do these muppets who write for the Express think will happen when/if the f*****s go up? If we all got paid as much as the morons who deliver this kind of ill informed crap do, we could all buy a stunning 1 bedroom flat in Batersea for £500,000. Retards!
  4. House prices tend to rise in line with the amount of work builders price for ,obvious really.Not major house builders ,but small firms who have to deal with realpeople,that is. Sod all pricing going on at the moment, and getting worse.So what does that mean?
  5. It has become the norm in the UK for people to equate personal wealth with the value of ones house. This is a fact and shows what a basicially thick population we have. High house prices mean equity and therefore the opportunity to borrow against it. Think about it-F**k all Industry, thick population with no skills other than " Computer Skills",what they used to call" New Work"-----C****s. All the connections to the Housing Market-from Carpets to Solicitors and beyond. No wonder the b******s are hung upon it! `Its all we have f*****g got. It keeps the rich rich and the poor happy! Its want everyone in the ruling classes wants, and that includes politicians. So----------my feeling is that HP,s will stagnate,please don,t listen to the popular media, and in W.London, Bath and Poole,prices might rise,and in Newport,Belfast and Burnley they will fall. 4-5 years and the whole thing starts again. Unless we become more European.Do you know Denmark has the cheapest house in the modern world, very little HP inflation, and virtually no one but the Danes can buy one. Offer low and hope for the best. Take up a hobby. Chill.F**k it !
  6. The price people want for their property is more likely the price of the property plus what they need to get out of debt. Offer £285000 and ask them to pay off your overdraft.
  7. Building Regs are only applicable to new works or alterations/conversions. Existing buildings converted or altered historically should have been covered by the b/regs that were current at the time. However, an existing buiding that previously had single occupation has changed to multiple occupation is a different matter ,so if in doubt contact your L/a Building Control who will be helpful.
  8. I hope they all go down, they are all c***s,and serve no purpose other than there own self perpetuation. I cant believe that such a pathetic bunch of underqualified chancers are charged with dispensing the UKs only asset.
  9. Get rid of those BTL c***s by raising I/r to 8%. Government buys the repos and sets fair rents- which should be no more than 1/6 th of the average income This is a fact.if its more then the tenant will always be in debt. All the other scumbag rip off landlords will have to follow. C***S!. All those people who were then suckered into a mortgage way beyond their means could then rent cheaply and save with a decent rate of interest. Its only those smarmy C***s in the City and the other parasitical b*******s who inhabit the housing market who benefit from our debt. F**K the lot of them.
  10. Look,you are all skint now cos you were all too thick to know you were being stitched up. Some of my generation sussed that years ago! Its the greedy pleb c****s who bought council houses for £10 and then sold them to you for £300.000 you want to vent your spleen on. And how old do you think most of these buy to let C****s are! F*****g yuppies again.
  11. B*****ks, its the stupid t***s who think they can have everything they see in a magazine thats caused the situation were in now. Yuppie c***s and the rest. And how old are most e/a,s you muppet? They are the real reason everyones skint.
  12. What a lot of vitriol going on here. It seems that most posters,and everyone else knows very little about the "Building Trade" . Everybody seems to have an opinion, perhaps because its activities are so transparent- cars, processed food ,clothes etc ,etc are made out of site in secure and often secretive environments, for good reason on the manufacturers part,probably. We usually do it in public. So can I clarify what and who " Builders and " Workmen" are and do? As near as I can in my workmans way? I. Chancers. Possibly have a van or old car,no signwriting, know very little,just need cash. I would include fairweather "Property developers" in this category. Sometimes cold call, or are a friend of a friend. Always avoid-always. 2. Tradesmen. Often do evening and weekend work for cash, usually guess prices, or charge by the hour. Brickies,Carpenters, Plasterers usually who work for various firms. Might do a good job but will have little backup, usually make a mess and will want paying on the dot. OK if you are prepared and have experience of working in the trade. 3. Bona fide Tradesmen.Plumbers,Electricians, D/Glazing,Block Pavers,Kitchen fitters , Roofers Decorators etc. Sign written vans, look for land line No,s and address. Bricklayers/masons and carpenters also fit into this category, with sign written pick ups,but usually work as sub- contractors for large firms. Usually time served tradesmen -but remember they are specialists and dont usually cross trades.so be prepared to employ several different trades if you are fitting a kitchen or similar. Firms which specialise in Plumbing/C/ heating ,say often offer other services but will be expensive. Loft conversion firms are the same. And remember, you will be the site manager! These people are tradesman/woman ,not general Builders. Usually give a written quote. Also-an estimate is not a quote. 4. Small Builders. Have Vans ,Pick Ups not always white. Usually signwritten. Would most likely be sole traders or partnerships, ex-tradesmen usually, often bricklayers or carpenters. Sometimes have employees but tend to use sub-contractors for stuff they cant do. Should provide written quotations, undertake work like garages and extensions, alterations, around the £10.000-100,000 mark. Deal with architects and L/authoritys, take care of all aspects of the job. I am a small builder myself, a stonemason, and I always agree on stage payments weekly,or monthly. Beware the odd chancer who has made it this far, and uses sub contractors for everything. Avoid. Most get work by word of mouth/recommendation. Not usually NHBC members so wouldnt normally build a whole house, but renovate them. Usually will be glad to give references. 5. Building Companies. Have their own plant, a yard. lorries, employ most of their staff. Have full time offices. Build houses and small developments,and have specialist divisions. You have to have a lot of money,and they often ask for half the fee up front. Do a lot of L/A work as well as private jobs. Very good standards of work but not cheap. Might charge for big quotes. 6. Big firms, National housebuilders. Formulaic tosh by androids. 7. Big firms,civil engineering contractors. Bridges, Airports. You know. 8. Specialists like Joiners who make Windows and doors, Iron workers-Metal windows, and all that stuff and so on. So,its not just builders and workmen. Most of us work hard and like to do a good job. Give and take, mutual respect, and no money troubles are the key to a happy site and a pleasing result, And dont be hung up on deadlines. I usually tell people I dont do quick, I do properly, and sometimes the two coincide.
  13. I am a builder. I don,t drink tea-I like black coffee and take a coffeemaker with me to sites. I write songs-I am training to be a pilot-I,m learning French,so I can escape from the countryside and country I love ,which is largely full of greedy, self obsessed morons,and I really like making things for other people,and like to be paid for doing it. Most of my customers are lovely people who, having accepted my Quote, pay me in full. Some, are serial non-payers,and anybody with any sense at all will know that taking these cretins to Court is a waste of time and money. The archetypal " Tradesman" my fellow posters are describing is no more the norm than the Doctor who wears tweeds and smokes a pipe. I would think that this chap with the roof taking off business,and his customer are both the sort of folk I would avoid. This is one area that needs proper,clear legislation. Builders, and all Tradespeople who work in the industry should be licensed and Vat registered. Quotes should always be given and accepted in writing.(By standard form) The price agreed should be paid in weekly instalments. An Independent third party should always inspect the work.(Usually the LA B/Control , which should extend their powers, to all aspects of the process.) I,m bored now. Job Done. Rock On!
  14. Some will,some won.t.My experience is that its a ploy by Estate Agents to try and stimulate interest .The price paid will be lower than the asking price.Just find the property you want and go in low,min 25 %.They can take it or leave it.
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