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  1. No link I'm afraid, but I read they are looking to get rid of 200 jobs at an average settlement of £75,000. Pretty generous compared to the settlements in the private sector. Though I don't envy them either. Looks like we've been here before in 2008: BBC News - £15m payoffs defended by minister
  2. So many other examples I could use, as most new houses on in Cookstown are below RV on a similar theme: RV £210k 30 the dales - 4 Bedroom Detached house asking price £169k Things are really going down to china town out here.
  3. RV £270k 4 Bedroom Detached house, Cookstown Offer received - in local paper (repo) £145k
  4. That seems to happen any property that's highlighted here. I suppose it could be a way to drum up interest if you are an estate agent!
  5. I would say browsers rather than posters even. Goes to show the following it actually has.
  6. This is a really, really excellent point and one of the main reasons houses aren't selling.
  7. My bad, it's still there, forgot it was on the sidebar, not at the bottom: http://www.propertypal.com/20-castle-court-cookstown/75731/statistics
  8. I think they have removed how long a property has been listed, I can't see it anymore. :angry:
  9. Strabane Jobs fair cancelled: What the papers say
  10. Check out the statistics they added today for each property. It shows how long a property has been on and any price changes (like propertybee). Also shows how many page views it's had per day.
  11. Do we have some elections early next year? After that I believe....
  12. AIB passed because they promised they'll be able to raise €7.4 billion by the end of the year! "It'll be grand like, sure don't ye be worrying"
  13. Yeah, good point. They probably aren't going to decrease the asking price in that case (though some do). I noticed recently that Property News has a field to display the current offer. Is this something new, or has it always been there? Of course, it's not to say they would put the correct (if any) value in that field.
  14. I believe you're completely correct. It's looking like NAMA isn't going to be so gracious to them..
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