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  1. Some of you guys are so negative. It is your attitude that brought us to where we are now. Stop reporting and things will improve.
  2. we will see where your attitude gets you. You are a fool and will be parted from your money too easily.
  3. the housing market is on its way back. Maybe not crazy levels but bricks and mortar will always be where it's at. You guys are bitter and twisted and want to see things fail. Get a life. You are talking us into a recession like the media.
  4. You guys are clutching at straws. Things are on the up. Wait and see. Hold off on your purchase until 2010 and see if it gets any lower in 2010. Lilttle drop to come in 2009 but that will be ya lot.
  5. What you doom mongers got to say for yourselves now?
  6. Do we all accept that prices have dropped 20% already. So, if you get a house at 10% off, thats 30%. Worst estimate is a 50% drop. I think 40-45%. That means 20% to go? That's factoring in job losses, interest rates etc. 50% is what the worst predictors say. Even on here. Is that reasonable?
  7. Yeah, thats right. Thats my point. The downdraft is catching. Feathers are flying and who will clear them up. This whole thing is sneaking up behind us and is gonna pounce. Have you ever taken it from behind? I can tell you it is no laughing matter, least of all for a pheasant.
  8. I just want things to improve guys and your downbeat attitude is not helping. Pheasants have to help themselves. Have you seen the number of pheasants on the streets? They are going up and up.
  9. Even if it doesnt work out and it drops in value. I got more money. I'll build another. You guys are pheasants. Get a job.
  10. I OWN A MILLION pound house and it was built this year. You guys need to face up to reality. gees.
  11. Yes indeed. Efffective demand. This is what I have been going on about. Average wage 26k, average house price 150k. Factor in a deposit, say 10k and all the overseas buyers and short supply of quality property and prices will drop another 10-15%. Then up we go again. Effective Demand.
  12. They have all started building again in Surrey. Come check you poor people that are desperate to make those prices drop with all your doom mongering, just so you can move out of Mummy and Daddy's. The fact is whatever happens prices will drop a bit but will pick up again. If we are going to remain a home owning nation competion says prices will keep rising. Get over it or change career.
  13. I guess we all have opinions. Only time will tell who is right. I guess all we are arguing about is how long before things improve. 2010 for me.
  14. Early 2010 we will see first signs of upturn.
  15. Your wage is obviously lower than average and you need prices to drop further hence the doom mongering.
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