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  1. I've been looking to buy in that road or Portarlington Road. Impossible to give an accurate valuation on that property without knowing how long the lease is.
  2. It's been on the market since 24/05/10. Starting price was £162,950.
  3. You're not listing. The 103-96 =7 are houses that are NOT yet sold. She wasn't talking about those.(it's only a coincedence that both totals are 7) The EA was saying how many houses that they HAVE sold. These will not now be listed on Rightmove --houses are removed from Rightmove when sale is completed. The only way to check is to wait 3 months for the price information for June to be completed, and then X reference that information with properties that were listed by that EA. You accused the girl of lying,but you've provided zero evidence to back up that claim.
  4. I'm afraid your not comparing like for like. They would have removed houses sold from Rightmove. The 2 you mention are SSTC. They could easily have sold 7 last month.
  5. Just had my best laugh for ages. The £11K chalet is back on the market!!!!!! Now 1 SSTC from 72. Nothing more funny than seeing an EA ,with totally unrealistic priced properties, struggling.
  6. The other EA in the town is far more successful with 18 out of 62 SSTC. They realised a couple of years ago that there is no profit in listing houses at stupid prices. Can only guess how much money the EA that sells about 1 property every month is losing. Their new listing today suggest that they are in no hurry to change stategy.
  7. One of my local EA had 2 sellers pull out last week. They are now left with 2 SSTC from 71 offerings.(one of them being a £11K chalet)
  8. My search area covers the area from just outside Barmouth up to,and including, Harlech. Including SSTC, a total of 106 properties. Pricewise (high to low) the first property SSTC is listed at no 57 (Asking price £200K) No house has sold for over £200K this year. Personally,I'm looking to buy for about £250K, but because prices are so unrealistic (2007+),I have only viewed one house in the last 18 months.
  9. You don't honestly believe that it was sold for about £6500.
  10. Listing was removed last Oct. Another house,in the same close, came on the market (4 beds),2 weeks ago at £349K. Now SOLD STC. They might of missed a buyer by pulling it off the market.
  11. What would the gross profit be on £4K T/O?
  12. It's as quiet as it's ever been in some areas of North Wales. LL53 (Pwllheli area)---Only 19 out of 464 Sold STC. (over 250K----2 out of 192) One Barmouth EA has only ONE sold STC from 73 listings. The other Barmouth EA is doing much better (11/59),but all sales are at the lower end of the market. 0/20 for residential property above £200K. There is no residential property sold STC above 190K in the 10 miles between Harlech and Barmouth.
  13. Padraig

    Harlech Prices

    WOW--new EA and new asking price ---£180K Yes, from £250K to £180K in one drop.
  14. Now gone SSTC with asking price of £325K.
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