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  1. Unsubsidised university education is obviously going to mean "better" more prestigious uni's will gain any free market policy will mean a massive cull in higher education, there way to expensive for wc kids.
  2. We can only admire the combined wisdom of our politicos in dealing with this economic downturn. I'm so happy , life's great i'm off to buy a house. Three cheers for our leader. My link
  3. Which currency ? they all can't lose catastrophic confidence simultaneously, can they?
  4. Maybe so, but it was felt by everyone, and hence it failed. The trick with taxes is tax a few so they can't uprise but get the same revenue. Poll tax is imo the way to collect tax, then we all contribute or revolt, it's the price mechanism working. Labour[ all govt] stealth taxes should be outlawed.
  5. A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away. ~Barry Goldwater
  6. If people aren't working , tax revenues will be reduced making societal citizen type payout unaffordable. This could work where a country has natural resources to exploit but not UK. Why would anybody work if you not economically compelled? if public sector "non jobs " are/is "national dividend" by stealth, our deficit and mass austerity situation shows that it's economically too ex[pensive. And by relying on a such a payment for subsistence you would be a defacto slave to the State.
  7. Yes,career politician all the way,no principles unsellable, exception being keep the brown envelopes flowing via discrete intermediary, where's David.
  8. reduce corporation taxes to zero , why not? subsidise any manufacturing industry that employs and pays a "decent" wage to the not so academic youths of today, ie why not have tv's made here, i've got 3 plasmas one Japanese the others no idea Phillips, Goodmans... Subsidies to produce something are better than handouts from the teenage age to the grave.. It will soon be factual that pumping people into public sector jobs was just off balance sheet antics of Govt which didn't see the whole economic picture AKA brushing the shit under the economic carpet or maxing short termism.. I'll stop I feel a Brown moment approaching ..
  9. Venerating authority to a unhealthy degree moves you closer to justifying immoral State actions and excuses personal moral responsibility aka gassing Jews.
  10. Status quo is unsustainable, so we know the problem and thus the solution, how to do it without economic savagery is the dilema. Imho protectionism is the only way followed by a complete overhaul of the role and acknowledgement of the capabilities[lack of] of the State.
  11. Savers should start a protest. You know 10 people may turn up.
  12. This subject was recently discussed and a free ebook recommended by poster Ken Ichewa called Lightstunnel.
  13. Then whats the point of working your **** off if the State just takes it all in the end, and 2, why wouldn't you liquidate and phuck off and die in Thailand etc. My view no inheitance tax period you've already paid it [ tax ]. I'd be glad to leave a property to my son when i meet my end for him to do whatever. The solution to all is quite simple a small State, no income tax, no bailouts, no deposit back stops.etc etc. Anything that keepsas much money with the people who figured out how to make it. Thinking for yourself , valueing life for what it is,- risky unpredictable and mostly drudgery. "Spread the drudgery to all " an excellent Party sound bite.Applies to thick rich and thick poor , the market takes wealth away from all the unproductive. The only tax i agree with is CGT taxing money making money ie speculation and should exempt business builders.
  14. # My first job was in a factory , paid Union subs, everyone did, fact - it's just another racket to steal from workers. 140k wtf he is a total fat cxxt and a champagne socialist.
  15. + the bankers are the most overpaid public sector workers the world has seen.
  16. From a HPC perspective you want the Socialists/ Faux Keynesians to win out ,this will bring the Bond Market and all "off " balance sheet economic factors to a crescendo, then we will be judged on our "fundamentals" and face quickly all the $hit that goes with.
  17. The Royal Mail is seperate from the Post Office. Privatisation may or not make a difference since the price of a universal mail system obviously costs more than catering to the most profitable parts in a post/delivery model as TNT would do for example, also pricing restrictions are imposed on Royal Mail ie 1st Class stamp 41p. In a free market it is more likely imo that Royal Mail will become the dominant market leader, simply because their delivery/ collection system has been built under monopoly and govt "helped" conditions and is a massive barrier to others. Most believe Royal Mail is the Post Office because at one time they were?[ not sure] now not[ 100% sure] but a very close symbiotic relationship does exist ,another barrier to "smaller" operators.
  18. Because of the lack of jobs in India people are highly motivated to get any " middle class" job or "crap" one abroad. Hence the huge effort put into their education , where 10 year olds do calculus etc my son probably hasn't heard of it, [ 10yrs] Saw a programme in which a train driver job had a exam in which 5 odd thousand sat it. If these trends due to globilisation come here, jobs will be treated with a respect, unheard of in the West.
  19. I'm going to miss the chap. Was he Cynicus?
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