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  1. Axis of evil blah blah blah, weapons of mass destruction yack yack yack. Shining beacon of democracy!!!!!. Haven't we been here before?
  2. Wikipedia quote........... Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in general price levels for some set of goods and services in a given economy over a period of time. That £10k you have in the bank buys less now than it would have five years ago.
  3. What I can afford.. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-723...=1&tr_t=buy What I'd expect... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-165...=1&tr_t=buy
  4. I asked my boss at work and she said opticians and optics in general do ok, people young and old always need glasses though contact lense sales tend to suffer as they are more of a luxury item for most.
  5. http://www3.flickr.com/photos/eversion/144166855/ wouldn't look out of place at a ski resort in the alps, but it doesn't do anything for me. And why have that upstairs window set in, you practically loose the space for a whole bedroom.
  6. "Gradually, house prices will have to ease to allow first time buyers back in and we think that will happen this autumn’ he says." When I see comments like that I have to wonder if people truely realise how much house prices have moved out of reach of people like me. It's going to take more than house prices to ease to make a house affordable. I'd need a full blown meltdown, something I wouldn't really wish on the UK population.
  7. I am able to offer some views from the other end of the spectrum. (I should point out that these are the experiances of my land lord who is selling the house I live in at the moment). He got the house valued at £145,000 with the expectation of a quick easy sale from the estate agent. After three months of zero viewings he got worried. Went to the agents office and was told things were slow at the moment but a few more weeks would see some results as spring was just around the corner. Dropped price to £135,000. After another two months he agreed to sell to a friend but for £120,000. Ever
  8. It's taken me this long to go widescreen, Plasma and HDTV can wait.
  9. It's the whole "If you've got it flaunt it" mentality, thing is very few of those who flaunt it have anything and those that have keep it covered.........it's a backwards world.
  10. What happened to the Iraninan oil bourse, I think I might have missed it's launch.
  11. Only a lottery win for myself. I've come to realise that no matter how hard I work and how much I try and save I'll never have enough to buy even if houses return to the 3.5X salery average. The difference in the cost of living compared to my cost of living wage increase is getting bigger and bigger every year. Add to that a "normal" HPI and the dream is always beyond my reach.
  12. I myslef use to live in Stanny Grange but have long since moved and now live in Kent. My dad is still there, he just turned 50 and to be honest I'm not sure what sort of job he could get if he lost the one he has now.
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