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  1. Lennon

    Ukip Housing Tweets

    If you look at the greens closely they end up being a bit 'Watermelon' - pretty socialist once you get past the Green exterior. (cf running the council in Brighton)
  2. Lennon

    Ukip Housing Tweets

    A party that has reasonably sensible housing policies (at least Land Value Tax) and is demographically likely to pitch at the 20-35 year old bracket is the Pirate Party (http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/) - Still small and growing, but potentially worth keeping an eye on if you are that way inclined.
  3. Lennon

    Nimbys Told To Get Lost

    Also - 'Yeah, but I have to pay income tax on the dividends and any capital gain is taxed as well, so it's not worth it' (As opposed to BTL which is untaxed in everyone's mind, even if not in actuality)
  4. From my anecdotal experiance - they tend to be informal loans which are intended to get matched off against inheritance in due course (or all cancelled when all kids have received equally)
  5. Lennon

    Telegraph "fame And Fortune" Column

    What's the statute of limitations on mortgage fraud? If greater than 35 years then I think that she is still liable, and a 'concerned citizen' making a complaint to the police with all the evidence available would mean that they would be duty bound to investigate it.
  6. Lennon

    Minimum Wage Increase

    Nothing, as it isn't upto him - it's upto the (supposedly politically independent) Low Pay Commission.
  7. Lennon

    Minimum Wage Increase

    I think that it is meant to be 'neutral' if done at a time when it doesn't result in lots of job cuts. (Govt pay less in benefits, but receive less in Corp. tax etc as Employers pay more to workers instead of the Govt). Politically it is probably good for Osborne as it will reduce the amount paid in WTC etc and so he could potentially argue to bring the benefits cap down again. Bit of a balancing act though.
  8. The thing which gets me about that - is that if that is true (and it appears to be in a lot of cases) then people don't value there own time at all? Personally I would want a significant cost saving to induce me to have to leave the house an hour earlier and return an hour later than I currently do, for the benefit of having spent the additional time crammed on a train with my nose in the armpit of some other random commuter.
  9. I think that Food banks are pretty close to the definition of 'the wrong answer to the the wrong question'. If the problem is nutrition (which I can quite believe is the case in a number of instances) - then food / nutrition education, not hand-outs are the answer. If the problem is (limited) money being spent on the wrong things, then education and targeted benefits is the answer, rather than additional hand-outs. If the problem is genuine homelessness - then food banks aren't even close to the solution - only solving a minor, rather than the major issue. The only situation where a food bank could potentially be of genuine use that I can see is if there is a gap in benefits for some reason (HMRC / Job Centre making a mistake etc.) but then the issue is not really a lack of food issue - but a lack of money issue. If I have missed something then I am very happy to hear about it as there are a lot of people who are clearly giving a large amount of time and effort towards these, and that should be acknowledged; - but if it is being unproductive, or even positively unhelpful then that is a lot of wasted effort...
  10. You're going to be having a lot of empty properties then Fergus...
  11. Interesting - as it's totally out of my area - Why? Do you use them for off-road / track riding only, or are they classics that aren't for riding, or just old bike that you are in the process of doing up?
  12. Assuming you know the exact address, a full title Land Registry search will give you the name of the current owner and name and address of any charges which are against the property. Now that will likely just say 'HSBC Mortgage Service Centre' or whatever, so no way of knowing from who holds the charge if it is regular or BTL mortgage - but you could always write to them as a 'concerned citizen' noting that the property appears to be let (with evidence if possible, although not sure what that would look like) and see if they do anything with it.... probably not, but maybe worth a try.
  13. Wonder what would happen if the multiple was 1.0x...
  14. Lennon

    Leashold Purchase

    OK - But the same question applies - why are new build houses being setup as Leaseholds initially? From what you have shown it appears that it is a generic thing rather than specific, but there must be a reason for it, and I was wondering what it was...

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