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  1. Ok thanks for all your comments. I definitely think we need to step back from this having immediately offered te 285 (bad move). It will be interesting to see if it gets its 300K. that will tell be a lot about the market.
  2. They paid 265K for the flat in Oct 2004. My mortgage advisor says its a fair price. I know what you mean about negative equity and its been on the market since Jan 09
  3. That's what my mum said. Unfortunately this is the going rate for a period one bed in Islington.
  4. This is a one bed flat close to Islington's famous Upper Street, on Cloudesley Road. The asking price is 315K. The sellers are looking for offers in excess of 300K which according to the agent (KFH) they need for their next move. We offered 280 then 285K which was rejected. I say let it go. My partner says otherwise. Here's the property. Any opinions welcome. http://www.kfh.co.uk/residential/sales/isl...road/n1/2042956
  5. Its still a possible option although not difficult to find through your own efforts. De Beavoir town is a lot cheaper if you want a middle ground between Islington and Dalston. I personlly find it too far from Angel for my liking but I've noticed prices are dropping in Gainsborough which I viewed last October when they seemed much higher and there is a 2 bed period maisonette on New North Road for 379 - being sold through Winkworth and I think Foxtons. The estate agent won't let me view as she said my offer price would be too low based on my maximum available spend (350K) which I think is ridiculous and also presumptous on her part but there you go. Also its my humble opinion that the new build developers of The Island on Prebend Street may be amenable to negotiation as those flats have been on the market for ages. You're right though that that all the developers should be amenable. I haven't gone down that route yet so really don't know. Let me know if they are!!!
  6. I've been looking - not really for new builds, more period but I've been open minded. there was a spacious 2 bed new build. Really nice going for 329K - a repo. that the agent said they'd take 300K on. It was about 15 mins from Angel in direction of Old Street. Location a bit dodgy. Other than that. the Wallpaper buildings on Offord Road are still very overpriced and they didn't even bother to sell the ones on the green - they're all 'To Let'. The Graham Street apartments (Wenlock) are reduced a bit but still asking 450K for a two bed, which seems very high to me given that people don't generally want to move to Angel to live in a new build. They're now trying to sell the Hornsey Road flats (N7). These are obviously cheaper. Anyway, let us know what you find.
  7. I have been looking for a place in Islington. Some asking prices have gone down - a grudging bit. Others have risen. In particular the Foxton strategy appears to be 'raise asking prices as if it were 2007 + 2'. As a buyer its frustrating. But this week I viewed a repo! A 2 bed in the no-man's land between Old Street and Angel. Spacious 2 bed new build now asking 329K. Agent suggested 300K would seal the deal. I'm not sure about the new build but hope these are the beginnings of cracks in the otherwise supersmug N1 firmament. Estate agent from Bairstow Eves was suprisingly straight down the line. Huge contrast with the Jack Bauer style 'sell' of the Foxton's dude. 'You're running out of time!'....
  8. But check out this 'attractive' Islington pad. Been on the market since 9 Oct. And reduced in price from 405K to 399K but guess what - no takers. Its on sale with Savills and has been 'under offer' for at least 5 months so don't let that put you off! - BTW I'm assuming you're a vampire and find natural light a turn off. http://www.savills.co.uk/residentialsearch...land/london/n1/
  9. I'm a FTB looking for a flat with my partner. We've been frustrated by asking house prices in N1. Some have fallen a bit (10%), but no more than 10% and Foxtons is not showing any price falls but actually price rises. We haven't offered for anything yet because of the deposit situation. We were asked for at least 30% deposit. Things vary. Its still average £330K for a small period one bed in N1. About £460K for a two bed There isn't much on the market and the sh*t stays on the market a long time. New builds, ex local auth and weird floorplans aren't moving at all. The good stuff seems to be snapped up though. I'm afraid people are buying at these prices. I don't get it and hope I'm wrong. We are also looking at W1 where the house prices are down a bit. They're not that much more expensive than N1 now. about £370 for a small one bed. £499 for a two bed. We are living with parents and are considering renting for the next 12. If you look at the rental market its crazy. Average office has about 20 one beds for sale but three times as many one beds for rent. As there's insufficient demand for these rentals, that tells me more one beds will come up for sale over time as home owners get desperate and so price falls are at least a few months away. I think its silly to rush in now unless you have to and your job is very safe. Your home is probably going to fall in value over the next year as sellers are not desperate enough yet and a few mugs are buying. Why borrow 50K more than you would in 6 months? As a buyer though, its very frustrating waiting and saving and seeing very little movement. Sometimes I think this is as good as its going to get but then I look at the worsening fundamentals and realise, there's no rush. Like - its not going to IMPROVE anytime soon.
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