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  1. You're right on there. I've recently bought a house. The EA's needed to see proof of funds. Basically screen prints of online accounts were more than fine. Didn't need mortgage, but I know they would also need proof of mortgage offer. If I was selling, there's no way I'd accept an offer until I knew the agent had proof of funds. You don;t need to see 'their' mortgage advisor if you have written proof of mortgage offer.
  2. Who will buy the flood of houses if there is mass unemployment and tax and IR rises? Doubt it's going to be your average/low paid worker. The rich feckers will buy them all up. Bye bye BTL? I'm not sure, If more people have to rent because of the mass unemployment rents will be higher (and will accomadate IR increases). Just a thought.
  3. This will affect an almost insignificant amount of houses in this country (London being the exception of course). For your average joe who just wants a house to live in and raise a family, the GBP/USD is of no relevance.
  4. Irreprable in my opinion. The hardest thing to change will be the nations sentiment towards high house prices. In a way I get it, as it's more tangible than a pensions statement. But comfort in our old age is to the detriment of our own children for god's sake. I have no faith that house prices will fall to sustainable levels so even I consider doing a BTL so at least my kids will have somewhere affordable to live when they're adults as I don;t want them living with me forever. They're only babies now, so by the time they reach adulthood the world will be a very different place.
  5. The thing is, a lot of people are incredibly positive and optimistic even during the direst of times. A human coping strategy perhaps? I have a friend with a recruitment business whos enormous positivity saw her the best financial 2 years in 2008-09. Quite unheard of in that sector. I am still positively dumbfounded though at folks glee at the prospect of house price rises. The short-sightedness is unbelievable. I think I am the only house owner I know who is pretty vociferous about the necessity of house price falls (but only if measures are put into place to massively tax 2nd and subsequent home owners/BTL).
  6. This was really what I wanted too, but an acre of garden near where I live you could add on another few hundred thousand. Now have an average sized garden but looking at other land alternatives, like a land co-operatives and garden sharing. Actually a really good way of getting involved in the local community.
  7. You definately don't sound silly at all. Most people on here will feel pretty similar to you. It's boring waiting for something to happen. I was convinced of an epic crash so was pretty peed off when that never happened. I was hoping to bag a beautiful country house in cash. As it happens, I have recently bought, but only because the benefits of buying for cash outweighs our renting. And guess what? It's not a big beautiful sprawling mansion. It's an unremarkable semi with a super garden backing into woods and fields. I have absolutely no doubt that house prices will continue on a steady decline for many years and I would be honest in saying that in 10 years time I don;t expect the house I've bought to be worth more than what we've paid for it, it wouldn't suprise me if it was considerably less. My motivation for buying though comes in the form of young kids, wanting a nice garden and being sick of living in draughty rented houses. Hovever, if I didn't have a family and or I needed a big mortgage to buy or had a career which meant moving every few years, I definately would NOT be buying now. We all know the recent pick-up has an unsustainable future. What's your situation at the moment Masked Tulip?
  8. I mis-read it. £60 pw is for social housing not private rented. Still trying to find a figure for that.
  9. I'm a private tennant (not HB) and it really irks to be paying someones mortgage. There is no security under a private LL. I've had to move twice (with 2 children) in the last 2 years because the LL wanted to sell. Current LL has assured me he won't be selling for at least 3 years as he is tied to a fixed mortgage ......(which I'm paying).grrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... If social housing was decent and plentiful (and not just in sh1t holes) I would much prefer to pay a rent to the council rather than a private LL..
  10. I hear you. Horrible situation. If I moved to oz, would I be able to get housing benefit by any chance? Not a dig, just curious.
  11. An average is an average. I'm not going to start listing rents town by town.
  12. http://www.homemove.co.uk/news/19-12-2009/average-rent-down-3-on-the-year.html Average UK rent £820 pcm.
  13. Wrong! My anger is at the incompetent system that prefers to line the pockets of the wealthy (landlords in this case) rather than investing in building new social housing for those that need it the most. Good solid housing (low utility bills/ long life etc). Any anger I might have towards the lazy and incompetent, pales into insignificance when compared to that I have towards the spineless, short-term, self-motivated governments we have to put up with. I am angry to pay the mortgage of a landlord. I would be happy if those taxes went to building 'excellent' social housing.
  14. Actually, it.does seem stupidly low. Having re-read, the £60 is for social housing. No average £ for private rent in this doc, but we know it's significantly more than £60 UK average rent is £892 pcm ( http://www.rentright.co.uk/121_rt.aspx ) On those figures, the numbers are frightening!
  15. Nothing we don't already know, but really makes me bloody angry. An avereage housing benefit payout is £60 per week X 1million households =£3,120,000,000 :angry: (good document if you like 'benefit porn')
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