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  1. Made an offer on a property, asking if I could get curtains. Verbally they said yes. But now in the written acceptance of the offer they are saying they want to keep the curtain poles and rings. Amongst a few other things they also they want to remove light fittings from some of the rooms but will "replace with standard fittings". Advice?
  2. Am about to put in an offer for a house, the brochure reads "offers over...." How much percentage below the offer price should I put in? How long does it normally take the estate agent to get back to you after you put in an offer? I am very new to all this.
  3. Would you mind tellin me what amount u actually accepted? it would just help to work out the percentage below asking price? You can give a rough value if you would rather not divulge too much.
  4. I am about to put in an offer for a house in which the seller wants "offers over....". I live north of the border. What percentage below the asking price should I offer? Anyone got recent experience of this? thanks
  5. Am selling my property to move to bigger house. I have never sold a property before. Can anyone offer some basic advice please. for example: where should I advertise? should I sell fixed or 'offers over' ?
  6. Hi everyone, First of brilliant forum this is, have enjoyed reading through many of the threads. Looking at listings on mainstream estate agents online, I am a little confused with the phraseology like FIXED PRICE OFFERS IN REGION OF OFFERS IN EXECESS OF OFFERS AROUND OFFERS ABOVE OFFERS OVER which is usually followed by a number in pounds (I will call this the asking price). I assume that when people are selling a house they just want the maximum price they can get whatever words they may choose to use on the schedule. So, my questions are: 1) Do sellers generally get at least the asking price for their property in todays economic climate? 2) Is this asking price merley a 'wish price' knowing full well that offers from potential buyers are likely to be below the asking price? If the answer is yes to the 2nd question how much below the asking price do sellers generally accept? thanks in advance.
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