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    Southport... DANGER DANGER! Watch out for mobility carts.
  1. It's just issues with shipping the boxes without damage. Lego made all box fancy & high value, but can't get them shipped without the corners taking a beating. They know about it, hence a lot of online orders have been delayed. Stores should have regular stock tho
  2. Those number are out by a factor of ten. Carrier: 680 + 350 aircrew. (New carriers are < 700) Supply ships (Rover, Leaf, Bay etc) =~ 60 Minesweeper (sandown class) = 36 Frigates (type 23) = 185 Destroyers (type 46) = 193 (The America carrier is bigger their Destroyers/cruisers similar) But doesn't change the fact the subs very valuable assets and in real situation cause some serious issues. Earlier this month the French Sub sank the US carriers during a war game as has happened in the past. -1981 NATO exercise Ocean Venture, an unnamed 1960s vintage Canadian diesel submarine “sank” the carrier USS America without once being itself detected, and a second unidentified vintage sub “sank” the carrier USS Forrestal. - 1989 exercise Northern Star, Dutch diesel submarine Zwaardvis “sank” carrier USS America. - RIMPAC 1996, Chilean diesel submarine Simpson “sank” carrier USS Independence. - 1999 NATO exercise JTFEX/TMDI99 Dutch diesel submarine Walrus “sank” carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, exercise command ship USS Mount Whitney, one cruiser, several destroyers and frigattes, and Los Angeles class nuclear fast attack submarine USS Boise. - RIMPAC 2000, Australian Collins class diesel submarine “sank” two US fast attack submarines, and almost “sank” carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. - 2001 Operation Tandem Thrust, HMAS Waller sank two US amphibious assault ships in water barely deeper than length of submarine itself, though it was later sank herself, and Chilean diesel sub took out Los Angeler class nuclear fast attack sub USS Montpelier twice during exercise runs. - October 2002, HMAS Sheehan hunted down and “killed” Los Angeles class USS Olympia. - September 2003, several Collins class submarines “sank” two US fast attack subs and a carrier. - 2005, Swedish Gotland-class submarine “sank” USS Ronald Reagan.
  3. RIM as a hardware company are finished, it's hard enough for Microsoft to grab market share with their offering against the more mature Android/IOS platform. The delay till next year of BBX10 imo means it's never going to launch.RIM might have no debts, but they are losing customer base a rapid rate. Given how popular Blackberries are with kids, all due to BBM. I would expect RIM to sell it off or be taken over by any of big existing phone O/Ses. Microsoft might try and grab BBM and get squeeze into WP8, in a get them early, tried to eco system, xbox live, media hub etc plan. Facebook could be possible outsider integrating BBM with FB messager?
  4. Only one in Trafford has gone, there were two, one on each floor.
  5. Also looks like a massive lost from 2007, went it was last purchase for £140,000 Nethouseprices
  6. ORIGINAL STORY: UK shop GAME appears to be in trouble after doubt was cast on its ability to buy new games. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-02-01-game-in-trouble-as-doubt-cast-on-ability-to-stock-new-games UPDATE 1:Eurogamer readers have reported that GAME is not selling Metal Gear Solid HD on its website, and that the shop has been turning away Mass Effect 3 pre-orders UPDATE 2: Eurogamer has this morning talked with GAME about its current credit insurance and stock difficulties. Full story via link. How long do now have left?
  7. How much has be UK population increased by? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13975481 I know the new born aren't shopping, but with net immigration & the better weather. Is this just a case of more people with access? should compare it 2009/2008
  8. It's great that the average has finally hit sub 160K, but just how fudged are the figures to be just a £1 lower @ £159.999? If the rate of fall continues then average price in my area will be near sub 100k in 12 months, while the NE will be sub 100k next month :-D
  9. It was studied in C4 Secret life of buildings, episode 1. Must be available somewhere online, even if not on 4oD
  10. Is it a dynamic image? Does the path have cookies and session info? Give us the image URL.
  11. How about you post the url, or path your trying to paste into the insert link dialogue box. These picture are on the web and not your local computer? If local you have to add using the attachment function.
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