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  1. We've just bought in the Borders. It wasn't what we planned when we put our last house up for sale in July 2008 (sold in Jan 2009 at -10% off 2007 price) then we thought we'd rent for a few years and wait for the inevitable house price readjustment. Everything I read (and am still reading) made me think this was the only sane way forward. So, why have we bought? Simple answer is that our current lease is (totally unexpectedly) not going to be renewed at the beginning of January, and there is simply nothing available for rent that we would want/would suit the family. There appears to be a rea
  2. Went to view a property which has been on the market for a wee while. Nice wee place, and may be worth a punt if the vendors can be brought into the reality of 2009 - they still think it's summer 2007. Anyhoo, the vendor's EAs had 'arranged' to have another set of viewers arrive 1 hour after our viewing began. This meant that we couldn't spend as much time as we wanted looking/poking around. Given that the property has been lingering for some months, it seemed strange that viewers were being packed so close together.....NOT! To$$ers! How stupid do they think we are? We presume this is a st
  3. Up here it's the ONLY sane voice. The Hootsmon seems to joined at the hip with the ESPC cartel. They only ever seem to break off their anti-SNP tirades (they're a government of sorts, so fair game I suppose) to trumpet the HOUSE PRICE RECOVERY - a bunch of fully paid up Richard Craniums :angry: Eggy.
  4. More than a bit shocked to see this today: http://www.theherald.co.uk/features/featur...omic_crisis.php A flash in the pan, or is the shriekingly bl00dy obvious beginning to dawn outside of HPC? Eggy
  5. Spot on. Up here we still have Labour lambasting wee Eck for NOT introducing new PFI schemes!!!! FFS I'd have thought that the sheer economic lunacy of PFI would have been blindingly obvious to all. Hmmmm....pauses to consider the ranks of Scottish Labour MSPs..... Actually on reflection, I'm not at all surprised the morons are still advocating this rubbish. These are the people considered to be too stupid to be a Westminster MP!
  6. I'm actually beginning to like the recovereh! Over the past 6 months we've started to see houses going on the market at well below 2007 peak prices. Although many are still looking at top dollar, they simply aren't selling. Newer listings (not that many according to BSPC) are more sanely priced. Keep recoverehing as far as I'm concerned
  7. Thanks for the explanation. In partial answer to your question re the Norman 'footprint' on the Celtic areas, I can (only from the Scottish perspective) give you a couple of responses: 1) Religion: post 1066 saw the decline of the traditional Celtic Catholic church in Scotland. This may not seem a massive change to have one Catholic church replaced by another, but it was actually a massive shift in power base. The 'old' Celtic Church was more of a community thing, with links to older traditions whereas the 'new' Catholic Church was the full blown cathedral type. More 'big government' than b
  8. Hiya, from up here I'd include the Picts, the Welsh and the Celts......Not 'English' but still(?) part of the UK!
  9. We should have retired from overseas wars after the Falklands. Last hurrah of a fading power. BTW if I'd been a Falklands' Islander, I'd have damn well wanted the taskforce down. Iraq, Pakghaniistan are well different.
  10. No, think it's more to do with the fact that those in power (politically & economically) know that due to lack of investment in 'core' business and an unbelievable faith in the power of the service economy that we're basically dependent on finance & the like. If the bonus culture is seriously threatened then the fear is that they'll bugger off and we're left with SFA, nyada, nothing. The bankers know this and they know they can do whatever they want and the taxpayers will underwrite it.
  11. What really, really fecks me off about all this is that I remember having a party when labour won the '97 election. Now only tiredness or thirst would stop me from slapping the lot of them if I could only get started. I'm very sure there are millions like me around the country. Hindsight is the only true 20x20 vision. Actually this needs a whole new thread on labour failure in government.
  12. Education, education, education Send troops into battle in Afghanistan stark naked with rusty stanley knives as weapons
  13. Sorry I can't agree. Given the rate the government is racking up debt, these schemes simply won't be sustainable in the short term, never mind the medium or long term. The government simply cannot continue 'inventing' money to try to pretend that this debt crisis can be managed, with all the accumulated debt to paid off 'some time in the future' but with no government spending cuts or tax increases. IT CAN'T. To think anything else is fantasy - unless you're a member of the government or a committed supporter, then it's just plain common sense. Someone have completely lost the plot, and I d
  14. Either that or the EA is as stupid and incompetent as the poor souls we've had to deal with in the course of our last 2 house sales.
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