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  1. I'm the process of diversifying my small (but growing) fund out of Sterling. I don't know whether it's a house fund or vulture fund yet - I want to keep my options open. I bet plenty of others are in the same boat, so some constructive criticism of my basic strategy would really help. Slight complication: there's a strong chance I'll move to the US eventually (my other half is American). I want to hedge against long-term dollar decline and Sterling just doesn't feel like the way to do that. These percentages apply to my existing fund and all monthly savings from here on in. I plan to buy at
  2. That sounds faintly ridiculous to someone who grew up in area of the UK that offered few prospects or opportunities. The same could be said for my other half, who grew up in a comparable area of the US. The opportunities for life and work that London presents are undeniable, evidenced by the number of people that come here to make their way.
  3. These surveys are about as insightful and accurate as an Anatole Keletsky economic forecast. I'm from oop North and I lived in t'Midlands for 5 years too. I've been in London for nearly 4 years now I find life down here is perfectly amenable. I work for an international company and I like the multinational nature of the city. I make decent money (but not a huge amount), but I'm happy to pay a premium to rent in a nice area. Ultimately this will define your experience in the capital. A nice one bedroom place is fine for me and the missus, even if the price makes my old Dad's eyes water. My
  4. I drove through the People's Republic of Brent today. Like a war-torn wasteland, but with bigger potholes. Try the streets of London..
  5. This. I live in Westminster and my council tax is half what I used to pay in Kensington and Chelsea! 0% increases for two years now, due to efficiency savings. I hate dealing with the josbworths on the front line, but otherwise I can't fault Westminster Council too much on value. Me and my other half borrow enough library books to cover the whole thing - at least that's how we try to look at it.
  6. That's on my watchlist. I'm monitoring prices in Chesham but won't be pulling the trigger for another year at least.
  7. I've been keeping my eye on a nice little twp-bed cottage in Bucks, perfect for a commute into London. It's been on the market for 6 months now and this month the asking price has gone UP. Seriously. It's gone up 10k. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  8. This first-time poster/long-time lurker adopted the values (and hairstyle) of a Lama in response to this insane boom and the years of pressure to get a slice of the action. I knew something was wrong with the world. This forum helped me understand what, exactly. Incidentally, the first time some confidential documents were snapped like this, it was Caroline Flint and her briefing on the impending HPC.
  9. Wasn't a cabinet minister caught out in the same way recently? Being a skeptical Lama, I find it hard to believe Knacker would make the same mistake. This looks like a ruse to bring forward this raid in an attempt to re-take 'control of the news cycle' over the G20 Tomlinson death. This is going to be spun as an 'embarrassing incident' for which Quick will 'apologize profusely'. Much better than 'Manslaughter at the hands of the Met'.
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