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  1. Just out of interest Errol, how much do you get for each post promoting Russia using discredited "news" sites such as Zero hedge and Sputnik?
  2. Turnbull 2000 has turned up on that thread spouting rubbish. I expect Hamish to turn up soon as I think he posts there too.
  3. Posted on Bike radar - populated by generally intelligent 40+ Mamils: http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40088&t=13040730
  4. So what you are saying is that having been in a small number of schools and not having done the job gives you a good idea of the profession. Interesting. Since I have dealt with a number of IT professionals over my career, I can make the sweeping generalisation that they are over sensitive, have an inflated sense of worth, lazy, deluded, whiney and rubbish in human relationships.
  5. Why have you bothered posting? The fact is that some on here spend all day posting and criticise the work ethic of a profession they nothing about. You are not going to change or affect their opinion.
  6. I remember you whinging about this before and I was fortunate to have a look at the Physics ISAs you talk about - they are very very easy -whole cohorts of students were scoring very highly so tbh it doesn't say very much about your son's ability in A level Physics. The practical part of the ISA is not worth very many marks. Perhaps if you are such an expert in such matters you can actually do something about it rather than producing trite one dimensionals posts on HPC.
  7. Interest only mortgages are not difficult to understand, those arguing that they were mis-sold are either abdicating responsibility or are seriously stupid.
  8. One of the comments posted: I can't afford to rent out my property. I want £500 a month, but a housing benefit tenant could only afford £400 a month, so I've left my property empty. The working tenants are even worse,they want to pay £300. Yet they get paid £800 a month! They could easily afford £500 a month if they wanted. They need to put housing benefit up, that property is my pension and I never put any money into a real pension so I need that property to make me money. - Just a bloke, Identi-town, United Serfdom, 20/4/2012 19:27 I laughed my tits off, a thumbs up from me.
  9. Good for you. I am sure a good many right wingers volunteer for socially beneficial causes.
  10. I am not sure if you applying the lefty tag to me ( new to me as a life long Tory voter). Not sure where I made comment with regards to making everyone else poor. Personally I'd prefer to spend my free time with my beautiful wife rather than the internet, but then horses for courses.
  11. Hmmm another keyboard warrior, no I am not a teacher with a BTL and I man a phoneline for the Samaritans for a couple of hours a week among other things.
  12. Well if you going to start a rather stupid thread prepare to take some stick. I note you have posted close to 14000 posts some of them rather bitter. I would suggest at a conservative 3 minutes a post you could of used some of the 42000 minutes doing something socially constructive rather than hiding behind hpc. So I say again take a long look at the mirror.
  13. Because some people, including the op, are stupid bitter [email protected] who have nothing better to do then make sweeping generalisation rather than look at the mirror.
  14. Oh but it is much worse than this, far more students do A levels now than they did 30 years ago. Since we can assume evolution is a very slow process then we can say that the greater numbers of students are on average less able than the cohort of 1982 ( assuming the brightest do A levels). In conclusion, less able students on average yielding a 2/3 fold increase in in % grade A passes over 30 years is grade inflation.
  15. +1 I suspect exiges would not be happy earning 28k for a fifty hour week.
  16. You right it doesn't, it doesn't suit game overs right thinking sensibilities to suggest anything left of centre would actually work.
  17. Its not so much blame, but the private contractor looks at ways it can maximise it profits - they generally don't give a stuff about where the money is coming from. Wouldn't be surprised if the negotiators on behalf of the NHS, with regards to the contract, got a kick back to enable this to happen.
  18. Interesting to note that not one teacher appears to have defended themselves on this site. Perhaps they haven't the time to post 11600 posts of bitter inverted snobbery.
  19. From a comment responding to this article: http://www.citywire.co.uk/money/where-are-the-safety-nets-for-mortgage-borrowers/a470182?ohjuststopwhining "People shouldn't be so quick to bash people for making mistakes - we all have our reasons and not everything in life is as straight forward as some seem to think. I will demonstrate my situation. Four years ago whilst bombarded by the media and the general speak of the public, 'house prices can only go up'...i decided to make a six month investment. I decided to buy a house at £130k and in addition borrowed 7k for renovation purposes. The aim was to sell the house after six months and make some profit to help pay for my education. However, as soon as i put the house on the open market for sale, the market started to decline substantially. Four years later, i have done everything possible to pay the dam mortgage but it has come to the point now that i can't keep up with the payments. The house is probably worth 30 to 40k now but definitely no more than that so how can i be motivated to pay out £546 per month on an interest only mortgage? I dread the BOE raising interest rates as i will then be out on the street. Firstly, the Bank borrowed me a huge amount of money i could not afford to pay back. I will admit i was very naive at 22 years old. I didn't have the knowledge i do now and so i thought this was too easy an opportunity to make money, and to better myself. Everyone kept telling me how much profit they were making buying and selling houses. The Mortgage Broker i dealt with exploited my naivety and sold me a Mortgage Product i didn't ask for. I had to accept it or the contract would have fell through on the purchase of the house. There was sheer panic to buy and houses were in short supply. I later realised the broker made more commission from the product he sold me rather than the one most suited to my needs. I am now in this predicament because i wanted to educate myself and provide a better life for my family (in the areas that the Government and society were gravely failing them). In combination with naivety and a mentality indoctrinated by the media that house prices were only going up, in hindsight, i realise now i have made the biggest financial mistake of my life! I don't regret the experience though as it has helped make me become a critical thinker. I can now foresee other possibilities rather than what the media informs me. It transpires neither the Government nor any financial institution can be trusted as the general motive is to exploit for self gain. Upon further analysis and observation of the media and financial institutions, i can only see greed! To conclude, the irony is i am now better educated despite losing money in the house, the purpose of my investment in the first place. Never judge a book by its cover! I can only advise others to critically think before making any decisions and you will not end up in the predicament i am in today! Best wishes to all!" I am not sure if the above is a piss take comment, but if true, it shows how moronic blokes can be.
  20. Thank you Si for this. I read the comments and I feel a real compulsion to go out there and really hurt some estate agents. Perhaps I need to go for a very long run.
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