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  1. Just shows the contempt that TPTB hold for the general public, I'm sure HRM's investments are doing well!! My link
  2. Had to re-open my account, but every little helps 7JL1752561296381S
  3. Signed, Also found this about LVT LVT petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/3662
  4. Seen a couple of these Auctions, but to get a bargain, the lots are normally too big for the general public to benefit. Seen one a month or 2 ago. 100+ flats at about £4500 each, to be sold as one lot... Clearly selling them separately would make more money, but then we can't have Joe Public having access to cheap housing!
  5. Tried that link, it must by something my side, keeps timing out!
  6. Hi, Think I've actually found a reasonably priced house in Belfast, good size, less than 2.5 joint income, although it does look like a repo as well as being on a main road (potential problems from previous owners) I'm just looking for the RV, LPS site isn't responding! Have they their changed address? My link N.B. Not looking to buy for at least another year but this is really tempting Does anyone know much about the area, or have experience of repos? Thanks for reading
  7. Added comment let's see how long it takes for any of the comments from those in favour of CGT take
  8. "it's gonna be tax tax tax for the next 20 years to sort out the DEBT" thank you Gordon Well done Mrs Duffy
  9. No need for that Pic Moneyspinner, I almost saw my dinner again.
  10. for £40 difference I don't think there is any real choice. 0.5% interest can't last much longer after GE regardless of who wins. once most tracker deals expire and banks publish record profits through their increased nargins. It will be politically impossible for the BOE to kep the intrest rate so low. Take a tracker and the only way is up! Take a fix and your set for 5 years
  11. Old news once the treasury did the first rescue of AIG ( holder of senate pensions ) the banks ganged together knowing that AIG wouldn't be allowed to go bust and because the treasury couldn't negotiate seperately with each party.
  12. Better still what about organising a withdraw all your money from the bank day?
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