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  1. I'm afraid I can't see the culture of viewing property as an investment changing any time soon in the UK. I see my flat as a home, but also as an investment - not just financially, but in terms of where I live too. To be honest, even if there was a massive HPC i wouldn't care if my investment was decimated so long as I could afford to pay the mortgage. This is a much more attractive proposition than renting where there absolutely no rights, freedom or security.....and this is the reason why the culture wont change! Have already resigned myself to the fact that there is no ladder, I'm stuck
  2. I'm afraid there will be no choice when it happens! Just got to get on with it.....
  3. Your current housing situation: Owner occupier of a 1 bed flat with partner. What type of house would you like to buy? 2 bedroom garden flat locally How much does this cost in the area you are planning to buy in? £500k How much would it have to cost before you thought it was worth buying? I think it's worth £500k as that's what the market dictates. If it came down to £350k it would still be a huge struggle and over commitment, but possibly doable (at the expense of a life!). However that isn't going to happen (and totally undesirable as this would inevitably mean I'd be stuck with my
  4. Is this attack the alternative point of view day? If you paid council tax in N7 you would know what borough it's in. As for your opinion on the area - you are entitled to it - not that it makes the slightest bit of difference to the consistent and aggressive house price rises in this postcode over the last 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, and so forth.
  5. What you all seem to forget is this is not a country full of poverty stricken chavs - there's a lot of wealth - even up north (but granted the majority is in the South). The nicer parts of London wreak of cash and the crap parts are increasingly filled by 'normal people' who are still swimming in the stuff! So my friends - I don't see a crash happening soon within the M25 - with or without foreign money..... It's fun watching the haters squirm though...........
  6. Take a look at this then. I'm sure these houses were going for £800k when i first moved around here in 2008, and £1.1 million last year - remember, although I love it around here, this aint prime central London - I have a feeling it will sell too........depressing http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37458112.html?backListLink=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Fmap.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DOUTCODE%255E1685%26insId%3D2%26maxDaysSinceAdded%3D3%26includeSSTC%3Dtrue%26_includeSSTC%3Don%23_includeSSTC%3Don%26auction%3Dfalse%26includeSSTC%3Dtrue%26locationIdentifier%3DOUTCODE%255E1685%26m
  7. Yes I read that article. However they fail to mention that even a leasehold is a valuable commodity, which can be sold on with no problems. I would much rather 'rent long term' for 99 years than be at the mercy of landlords and not be able to decorate.
  8. As a saver I think it's sensible for them to have a preference to lend money to people who are putting a significant amount of their own capital at risk. It makes no odds to me if it's a FTB or experienced BTL investor. Also, I'm a little bored of all the BTL bashers on here - it's very repetitive and boring. What we need are realistic solutions, and as people can't afford the buy the solution should look at how to make renting more secure! And no, waiting for a house price crash won't solve anything - it will make things much much worse!
  9. My experience is mainly limited to where I live - so can only vouch for that. However, when we looked at the place is was a no brainer....... Firstly, it's Holloway proper and not Tuffnell Park. If you can live with that then try Staveley Close/Keighley Close - you will only be able to afford a one bed here, but you'll have a little change to tart the place up. The next size up is a 3 bed maisonette, but they go for close to £350k and seem to be massively attractive to BTL landlords (but considering a similar sized flat on the posh road behind (Penn Road) go for double that - it;s a steal!
  10. That side is expensive. 2 bed flat in poor condition if you're lucky. I'm keeping my eye on the not so leafy side as a freehold cottage is a little more attractive to me for the future
  11. Before you discount N7 on your budget, consider the following: Having bought an ex council flat in the area a few years ago I'd say if you choose wisely, an ex council flat in Hollowat shouldn't offend your Home Counties sensibilities too much, and much less so than Wood Green (because although you can get a period cottage there for £250k , the area is a little raw - and not at all leafy). As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm closely watching that patch of Wood Green, because a period freehold cottage is an attractive proposition, but have decided that for now at least, an ex council fl
  12. I'd agree. Have been keeping my eye on the cottages on the Wood Green side, which are good value but small. It's relatively cheap, close to the tube and has plenty of useful shops, so seems like a winner to me - but I'm not ready to move from zone 2 just yet............ Considering your ideal area is Angel or Hoxton I'd say the following: IMHO Wood Green seems to be more the poor mans Crouch End rather than the poor Mans Islington (coming from someone who lives in the poor mans Islington). But all in all a great area for your budget in somewhere well connected and half decent north of
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