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  1. Just an update: had a call from EA today - vendors are considering the 205K offer and they are looking at properties. They must have been watching Property Watch this week lol!
  2. Offer turned down. We upped it to £205k but turned down - their loss! When it is still for sale in 6 months time, we will go back with £190k lol!!
  3. LOL, the EA went very quiet... Apparently they have turned down higher offers previously but we reiterated that that was previously and things aren't getting any better with the housing market and we are ready to go with a mortgage approved..... the EA will call us back.
  4. Ok, we are going in at £195k now...... will let you know the outcome!
  5. Thanks for your comments. I will do some more research. The property is in the Isle of Wight, apparently I heard they are 6 months behind us with the prices falling but whether there is any truth in that, I don't know. I think perhaps we will go in at £190 and work from there - we are in no rush, have nothing to sell (as we sold in November 08) so hopefully are in a good position for negotiating! I like the idea of playing the 2 properties/agents off on each other... I will have a word with the husband tonight to see what we can come up with!
  6. Have seen a house we like which is on the market at £245k. It has been on the market for at least 6 months. There is another one for sale 2 doors away which is similar but we prefer this one. It is on at the same price. Anyway, we aren't in a rush and was thinking of putting an offer in of £205K. I have checked the house prices in the area and it seems in Jan 2008 similar properties were selling at £250k. Is £205k a reasonable offer in the circumstances? What has the market dropped percentage wise since Jan 08? Just looking for some advice/reassurance really! Thanks
  7. An "as new" Chicco High Chair for £10 which was £90 in the shops!
  8. LOL one of Jeremy Clarkson's great jokes !! Everyone remembers that bit from Top Gear and I get asked if it is made of plastic but its not. Its just very fast and as I said, has not depreciated that much in 5 years Radio is an option, as is air con and xenons and PDC which my csl all has. The tyres are semi slicks - come with 1.6ml on them - I had to sign a disclaimer when bought to say that I understand they won't work well in the cold or when wet - its standing water you have to look out for though. I personally love it. but then, you have to be into cars to appreciate it.
  9. They aren't a CSL - just M3's.. They only made 1500 CSL's worldwide and only 422 came to the UK - they are the lightweight M3. There isn't any CSLs for sale on that page - sorry. There is only a "wanted" ad for a csl......... (Top Gear/Jeremy Clarkson did a test in one in the Isle of Man).
  10. LOL ok. 2003 BMW M3 CSL - 28k mileage edited to add that it has Aircon & xenons (which do make a difference to the price)
  11. If I was to sell it now - would get between £27-29k so not bad depreciation in 5 years
  12. I spent £45k on one car in 2004. Still have it. Now looking for a second car around the 10k mark. Depends how much you are into cars I suppose as to how much you will spend on one. Personally, I love all things petrol!
  13. I sold in November 08 after a long drawn out process. Am in rented at the moment and am looking at some properties. The properties I am looking at are around the 299k mark. My budget would stretch to £240/250k and am wondering if 20% of the asking price is a little cheeky or whether to give it a go. Being in a strong position i.e. having nothing to sell, this is also surely worth some money off? Opinions please
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