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  1. We increased our cash reserves in Premium Bonds by 8k plus simply by getting our bucket list holiday deposits returned. Not everybody has bucket list items in their household budget of course, but we also had the best part of another 8k in our current accounts, some of which went to more PB's yesterday. Keep in mind Digger Mansions is very comfortable, not tax haven members. It's been asked if we will go back to how things were before. No, it won't. I don't think it's possible to imagine how different our personal worlds will be, let alone life nationally or internationally from here on in. And yes, I welcome the unknown changes coming..._
  2. ”......what's a pile of litter got to do with it....." Litter is what this plastic waste issue is all about. It's just a litter problem, all the world needs to do is tidy up. The screaming abdabs, who run around getting hysterical about micro plastics, never get excited about the sand ingested from a pot of Blackpool winkles. Now I'm the first to acknowledge that sand and micro plastics are different chemical substances, but they both go in one end of a digestive system and come out the other end causing no danger to the ingester..._
  3. Oh please, stop scraping the dregs of plausibility off the pavement. Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers....... Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects....... Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure......... *DiggerUK warning*......fact checking can harm ignorance..._
  4. When things go well with the vaccine rollout, they go well. Mrs.D, who got to jump the list because she is a Community Care Worker and had dealt with a client, who had a third cousin who had a neighbour, who also had a third cousin who knew somebody who was found to be a carrier, was put forward for a jab in January by the local authority.......All well and good you might think, so long as you ignore the fact that she has been waltzing in and out of between 10 and 20 houses a week for the last year and nobody thought Community Care Workers should be prioritised for the jab. Anyway, today she turns up for jab 2........and, you guessed it, they haven't got any left for when she turns up for her appointment. And what is the latest dog whistle for the lockdown nazis?..... Vaccination passports!! Good 'ere, innit..._
  5. We have a Roku dongle thingy in addition to our freeview box. We also have access to Netflix by piggybacking on the kids subscription. If we had to pay for Netflix we wouldn't bother. We are usually greeted with a lot of stuff on our `do you want to continue watching‘ list because we don't know how to delete them once we have found out they are not interesting. There is a lot of good stuff to watch on Netflix, but then again, there's a lot of free stuff elsewhere to watch as well..._
  6. That's correct, but they were known to be carcinogenic. Truth is, you could eat a lump of Lego every day and never get anything more than funny poos to play with..._
  7. As plastic isn't toxic, poisonous or carcinogenic I can only puzzle as to why it has become so dangerous since 2017. Prior to then it wasn't seen on any watch list from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and still isn't. Certainly no peep was squeeked by Boaty McBoatface, Archangel Greta or Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall before 2017 until the Chinese stopped taking plastic waste unless it was 99.5% unmixed. I'm guessing it is just coincidental that the the dates correlate. Those bloody Chinese are getting to be a real problem..._
  8. I'm not in the least surprised. A nation raised believing that fish have fingers is easily fooled..._
  9. Some like to boast of how they are a 'slave' to their job, that usually means they are just hoping the boss doesn't get rid of them. Here it seems that some bosses are "wonderful people" who pay a fair years pay for a fair years work!!.....please, give me a break. Next thing I'll be hearing is 'I love my job so much........ it's crazy I'm getting paid for doing something I enjoy'. I bet there is a motto plaque around your house that says Brown Nosers Of The World Unite. Digger Mansions always had a great attitude to unacceptable employment issues. "I can go down the road and get the same job for the same money, without your shit. So what's your pleasure" Now that's something to put on a wall plaque..._
  10. You and me both. But I am still a Labour Party member, well, let's just say I am still paying my subs! I do like the reaction at party meetings when I speak out against woke, not supporting black lives matter, not confusing sex and gender, ridiculing extinction rebellion and supporting brexit. Glad to read your post, a good quality omelette made with curates eggs. Voltaire would have enjoyed it I'm sure..._
  11. That's the Achilles Heel with a judgement call. Thankfully I have found the calls I made wisely outnumber the ones I have made foolishly, with the ratio improving. Cynicism and wisdom seem to improve with age.....but I would say that, wouldn't I..._
  12. It's like the phrase "against immigration, not immigrants".......how do you really determine if the person saying that is an active racist and bigot, or someone making a considered argument re how services can be found for new arrivals. The devil is always in the nuances and qualifications that accompany the argument..._
  13. Be careful of what you wish for. For me the above quote is the Achilles Heel of your position. I do appreciate your differentiation between "anti immigrant" and "anti immigration", I just don't want to see the distinction ending the difference..._
  14. So why now direct it at those who are not responsible? I began working life as an engineer, progressing by qualifying as a toolmaker and ending up as an inspector. Then the world was turned upside down when the industrial capacity of this country was moved overseas and a manufacturing economy here was decimated. I didn't blame foreign workers overseas for taking those jobs, I can understand why they took them. Labour has always gone were there is work that pays better, it always will. Your candour in replying is welcomed by me. I disagree with your overall position, but defend your right to speak freely as you do......I am against all censorship..._
  15. It doesn't matter to me if it is described to as being inoculated against Covid, or vaccinated against Covid. I don't get fussed if it is said you can be vaccinated for Covid or inoculated for Covid either. What people do with their own arm is their right to decide. We are both booked for our first jabs; we waited to see how it affected those injected first before rolling up our sleeves. As the programme has been going on around the world with no mass outbreaks of zombyism for the best part of three months now, we judged it safe. We aren't getting jabbed after being inspired by the pronouncements of the establishment scientific quacks, we do it out of pragmatism. Mrs.D. is a community health worker and is in and out of 15/20 households a week, we viewed it as prudent, that's all. More important than that is our bucket list....We cruise a lot and it has become obvious that you will probably not be allowed to board ship without the jab. Getting insurance will likely be out of the question to boot. I do not condemn those who don't want the jab, but I do damn those who propose punishing those refusing. Maybe we should send refusejabs to education camps, or camps of protective custody......for their own good of course..._
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