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  1. BBC radio good, Talk Radio bad. Stoning is too good for blasphemers..._
  2. "Those that disseminate disinformation know that it is false" Well, that sorts it out for me. Not only have you revealed the correct path to me, but I shall immediately agitate for the establishment of 'Camps of Protective Custody' to protect us from the 'Disinformationistas', a safe place were they can be given 'Re-education' and an opportunity to recant their revisionist lunacy. Intelectual freedoms are saved, I love you Timm. Thank you..._
  3. Who has the right to decide what is and isn't disinformation. It should not be up to private businesses, or indeed the state, to decide what we can or can't read, view or discuss, that is the right of freeborn citizens..._
  4. If you are referring to the widespread censoring of 'unclean' thoughts on those mediums, then I'd like to know why you think it works well..._
  5. The government should franchise off the BBC. The monies raised should then be used to roll out high speed cable, broadband and digital communications. That would mean anybody could publish easily and cheaply. A free media defends a free citizen..._
  6. There will be underlying reasons for this decision, for now it is a massive step forward in securing his freedom. Lets hope it is the victory him and Wikileaks deserves..._ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55528241
  7. From Brexit, (the thread subject) through the Queen blazing away in defence of empire with a maxim machine gun, to nutters with battery powered electric vehicles, and a quick detour to get some monkey burgers does it matter any more? Right or wrong, we are out in a couple of days. Trade will carry on, the world will keep turning and Strictly will be back next year. Anybody up for a nice game of chess..._
  8. Despite the elitist fury of the political, business and legal elites, ordinary people, through Brexit, have shown themselves capable of making a change in politics and history. The elite, who have benefited from the smashing of blue collar living standards in the last thirty odd years, still claim that Brexit is the result of uneducated racists. Well, I am one of those “scum of the earth” who welcomed Brexit. I am not uneducated, I am not racist. Up yours, the ballot box has decided. If you don’t like the ballot box, pick up the bullet box. Trumps victory in 2016 had identical liber
  9. Hello, I'm from the government planning department. I'm here to help you pull it down..._
  10. Run of the mill dog whistle thread. Deporting a Johnny Foreigner who is undesirable is the right of a sovereign nation. Considering that criminal offences range in nature from tax evasion to criminal damage, what we see here is a highlighting of rapists and child killers. Would a thread be started calling for crooks in banks who weren't UK nationals to be deported, I doubt it..._
  11. The trials showed up allergic reactions. With nearly identical %ges in both guinea pigs and those who were given the placebo. It was a report from BBC TV, around 8 per 1000 as I recall, can't find it now. Anybody help out on source?..._
  12. The Labour Party is just as dumb. It's driving me insane, and I'm a member of the Labour Party. The other nations parties are just as crass, they are all tripping over each other with ever wilder lockdown policies and more stringent conditions..._
  13. So, here we are at Lockdown Day 252, over 40,000,000 tests and still we are told that lockdown works. If lockdown is working, how come deaths haven't stopped. Quack scientists trying to prove a negative is not following the science, it's just following the money for old rope, loads of money..._
  14. 1. Selling debt never made bankers poor. 2. It amazes me that when the question "Should I clear the mortgage early or invest more in my S&S ISA" is asked you get some responses that say go with the ISA and others who point out they got rid of their mortgage in 10/12 years. 30+ year mortgages are the norm now; how long before they are provided on the same basis as personal bank loans.....i.e., there is no benefit to early redemption. Pay tIll you die suckers..._
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