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  1. I thought Londoners lapped this sort of thing up - overpriced crap in the middle no-where! I lived their briefly and was amazed at how people would happily work dawn to dusk indefinately to live in some hole that anywhere else in the country would be bargain basement - you never actually see these [email protected] in central London enjoying themselves because they are still at work / on the tube in their sweaty socks or just plain brassic! Meanwhile the West End shows tend to be full of Brummies who can get their quicker (90 minutes!) and have loads left because it's cheaper there...
  2. Always find people off the beaten track love the British* - though honestly god knows why.. maybe they haven't met enough of them.. or think we're all David Niven!? ...maybe only the decent Brits end up off the beaten track? *-I'm not including the Bronx or Tunisia here..
  3. Hmm that would be nice.. welcome to our global housing estate.. no ball games
  4. >I didn´t have to sell the apartment I owned in Amsterdam back in 2007 You sold in 2007 in the boom - a great time to get sold so you wouldn't have to try and sell now. So why tell someone that right NOW is the time to sell whatever it costs? Plain DUFF advice!
  5. >she will lose the Magical Ponzi Money that existed in her head It may be all money for old rope - but you know the idiots haven't gone away.. I suppose the interesting thing is that on the whole people have indeed managed to keep up payments on these crazy mortgages - so there's always room for things to go doo-lally all over again.. If it was your own house - being 100% honest - you wouldn't sell right now if you didn't have to.. so why tell someone in your family that they 'must' sell immediately - seems strange.. can't help thinking you feel they might make money you don't think is ethical?
  6. >Yes. You are dead right. It is obvious to me now that I can't stand my sister's success. You seem keen that she get's rid immediately at what is a low point in the market or near enough - if it were my sister I'd be telling her not to bother right now till things pick up if she doesn't want a loss - the reason the market isn't diving is that people like your sister aren't compelled to sell, and don't want to take the houses off the market as they've paid for HPI packs that are valid only for as long as they're on the market - hence people leave the prices as they are. They aren't dreaming it's just a cheaper alternative to relisting when things pick up a bit.
  7. Why are you so keep for her to sell when you know that given a year or two she may get what she wants? Are you trying to help - or has she got a big house and you haven't?
  8. It can be done.. and here's how... Set up a limited company. Take out your loans 'invest' all the cash in the company (turnover will look great!) Take out loans in the companies name and pay back your 'investment' Company goes under You lose your £1 share capital! Do it all again till they ban you - for a bit!
  9. We need an alternative - everyone's angry but with no where to vent it (I'm an old man but would still hurl a few bricks 'for the jolly')
  10. Not my money... I don't pay licence fee - my aerials in the loft and when the man comes to ask if I have a licence I say that I have no telly - then ask him if he has a licence for the software I write - he says he doesn't use it - so we're both in the same boat then - Only I'm not pretending to be the police.. then shut the door for another year!
  11. No - barely arsed to talk to me! My monies chicken feed now the Govt are their biggest investor
  12. Close your account - take a check there and then and open an ISA somewhere else - you don't need all that in cash! B+B have lost it!
  13. >Picture yourself making the short stroll for a lazy weekend coffee at the Bobby Sands Arms, shopping for Drugs, planting a device or even making a mural of a man in a balaclava with a machine gun.
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