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  1. Any idea what the schools are like in the Wanstead area? I like the housing stock and the high road is quite nice, but it still seems really overpriced for what it is and where is is - you can pickup a 3 bed in a lot nicer areas such as Highgate for that sort of money, so not sure why Wanstead has always commanded the same sort of premium.
  2. You can subscribe to a thread, then get a weekly email of new posts (if any have been made). It can be done from the options link to the right of your opening post and selecting 'track this topic'
  3. I don't think it'll drop by that much to be honest, thats a 50% drop from 'original' asking price in the link you posted. I'd expect them to bottom out at around 120-130k for the following reasons - Barking & Dagenham is one of the cheapest boroughs in London already - It has good transport links with multiple tube stations, Bus network, overground into fenchurch st etc - Due to the already low cost of property in this area and a large amount of council housing, you won't see so many BTL repos (at least not in houses) or people who have stretched themselves to buy which is where the b
  4. I think the main reason for the stagnant romford prices boils down to the simple fact that it has a terrible reputation. I wonder how many people read this thread title and thought 'God Romford, what a sh**hole!' Saying that, i'm not bothered what other people think and as Jem said, the pros outweight the cons. I'm buying a house to live in and theres not many places i can buy close to london without being mortgaged to the hilt.
  5. if your looking for somewhere near the station, then rm1 and rm11 postcodes are your best bet for 2/3 beds with a bit of character. with these going around the 190 - 210K mark. its still a sellers market though and the nicer ones come an go within a week or two. some roads include douglas road, craigdale rd, clydsdale rd, alandale rd, park lane and some of the roads off of these. I'm buying on allandale and takes about 7 mins to walk to the station. the door to door journey to my work in bond street is under an hour. This is the sort of place you can get around there: http://www.rightmove.c
  6. Hi jem, i'm in the process of buying aplace in romford, born in the area although have lived in other parts of london through the years (28 now). I'm getting a 3 bed victorian semi for 203500. Been watching the market for a few years and house prices havent much changed although flat prices have gone up. alongside this,, there has been LOADS of flat developments going on, with at least 3 major ones going on at the moment. These are around 180k+ and a just over priced hutchs, not really my type of place. If you give me an idea of budget or size of house i'll give you an idea of the best kin
  7. Just an update, house market around here, its just silly at the moment. You can't pick up anywhere decent for less that 180K, prices are goign up instead of down. Out of the last three houses I was interested in, First one was involved in bidding war and went £15K over asking price (was on for £175K), second had an offer on in two weeks and the third was sold to a cash bidder 36 HOURS afters going on the agents books. It is just silly round here, not a hope in hell of getting anyhting which isn't a 1bed shoebox. What pisses me off is that the cash bidder is going to add B&Q laminate floo
  8. Er, don't you mean shortage of buyers? I've had a similar thing happen whilst living in Sydney. It really is a much better idea as you get it all over and done with in one or two weekends rather than a slow dribble of people.
  9. I'm sure there was mention of a few people on this forum from the Romford area, is anyone else analysing the local market? I've only just started, so haven't been looking long enough to see any trends, although in the last few weeks there has been a few more reasonable (but still overpriced) 3 beds coming on. Ideally i'm holding out for some 3 beds around the 150K mark to come on. Anyone else got any info?
  10. I agree with share bear that a lot of FTB's will go for option 2 if available, but the 20,000 eligible applicants for GB's scheme only equates to an average of 1667 per month. I really doubt that this amount is going to effect the housing market as a whole. According to rightmove there were 1.1 million sucessful sales last year, which works out an average of just over 91,000 a month. As such, this step will only raise this by around 2% (assuming the these elgible FTB's weren't going to buy a property anyway), showing it to be the PR act it really is.
  11. I'm thinking that new builds and flats up North will be hit the worst. Prices in london/south east have always been high , but the earnings ratio for houses in the north is just too high. I can buy a 2 bed house and I live 20 mins away from liverpool st, and the same price would only just get me a 2 bed flat in somewhere like newcastle where my salary would be much less.
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