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  1. Most likely that Guitarmangina001 doesn't realise that his missus already has a "bad boy" in her life, it is called Alpha Fvcks and Beta Bucks i.e Guitarmangina001 is the beta hence why she is still hangin around with him because he's the regular salary! Don't know if some of you guys know this, but in most States in the US if your missus spits out a kid that isn't yours then you are 100% liable for Child Support? They are trying to introduce the same thing in the UK: Beta guys paying up for the Alpha's kid? Seriously guys, Ditch the Bitch and Go Your Own Way.
  2. LOL! Some of you talk about your missus as if she’s a trophy? She is a liability! If you want to get on in the current life environment then you'd do well to stay well away from women! Particularly those who are aware of the ticking biological clock, i.e. the Kids-Shit-Clock! However, for you proud idiots with your missus, and/or your kids, please be well aware that you are one mutual attraction away from ruin! In the Ancient world of the UK, the woman has all the rights: you bought your house cheap? Well tough shit because you're gonna pay whether or not you live there! Have kids? Do yo
  3. I'm sure it was an EA from Phips and Pritchard in Kidderminster! Hand written message on the other side of the business card was "please contact me re: marketing of your house"??? Of course, the old dear's response to me was "they must be deseperate to find homes to sell"...doh! I mentioned to her that it was an attempt to put across the lie that the market is "A OK", everything is fine and folk are desperate to buy houses again! When in reality the hope is that they (the EA) can persuade folk to sell in the hope that they'll then buy the current overpriced shite currently on the EA's books i
  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19623657.html
  5. Would it be better to save 150k over a 10 to 15 year period rather than borrow 150k and payback 200k over a 25+ year period?
  6. I remember some lad I knew quitting Uni during 2004 to become a full time mortgage advisor at the Halifax. At the time I tried my best to talk him out of it and even said that eventually the market will crash! His response was: "They won't let it happen"
  7. LOL! The two often overlooked words when some tosser is trying to spook you is "may" and "if"...debt collectors, banks and just about anyone that wants something from you always you one or both of the above mentioned words!
  8. 3k a month from hiring out a pool? Surely insurance, maintenance, tax and the fricken water/electric/chemical bill would eat up a lot of that money? Greedy b1tch!
  9. Someone I know is in a similar situation with CCs. He's run up about 20k of debt and would usually transfer balances to get a low IR. He recently tried to shift a number of CCs to others with intro offers but was declined. It's as if the music stopped but there were no more chairs left! He's fooked as he's now stuck paying over 18% APR on the existing cards...and he also has a wife who just keeps on spending! He is a "home owner" but there is no equity in the home because him and his missus went for a 100% mortgage. Smart people!
  10. I was working for a Balfour Beatty opco when that happened...a Marketing Manager at the firm (with a BTL Portfolio) nearly shat his pants on hearing the news! During mid 2009, we did hear a rumour that some top Balfour Beatty exec was told by some top government [email protected] that "PFI is dead"...all of a sudden the firm went into "Cost Cutting" mode for the rest of 2009 and all of 2010.
  11. Yeah PFI is just brill, we rent the buildings from a Bank and a Construction company for 30 years and by the end of that 30 years we........................errr.............don't own the building? Even though what has been paid over 30 years was/is enough to build 10 buildings of equal size and type! PFI is not "OK", it was and still is a huge rip off! A lot of decent schools and hospitals have been knocked down and replaced with Soviet style buildings that won't last more than 30 years!
  12. Fixed! STEM Degrees are useful, other degrees are useless!
  13. Reminds me of a smaller scale Whitley Court style stately home. Same sort of back history too in that it was set alight at some point!
  14. Repo'd half renovated houses (interiors) appear to be on the increase in my search area. Its as if the speculators dropped everything and then did a runner!
  15. Seeing loads of that in my area on Rightmove! Starts with: PUBLIC NOTICE: We are acting on behalf of [insert tossees or tossers] and are in possession of an offer...blah blah It's usually to do with offers that are lower than the asking price! Have seen these "Public Notices" being done for mortgagees and also for bank repo'd properties. The repos are usually the pwopertees with just one photo of the outside and nothing else OR photos of the inside with crime scene like masking tape over the bog, sinks and bath!
  16. Excellent! The person he describes is amongst the many idiots who thought they'd abolished boom and bust along with snow and ice! Funny how the bust and the cold weather returned towards the end of 2008 eh?
  17. This ought to be posted on MSE because they're quite a few SO supporters over there who do nothing but jump down the throats of those who write "no...don't do it!".
  18. The shithawks are coming! Not much left to do but get p*ssed...and quick! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwiXG0p3N6g&feature=player_embedded
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