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  1. Most likely that Guitarmangina001 doesn't realise that his missus already has a "bad boy" in her life, it is called Alpha Fvcks and Beta Bucks i.e Guitarmangina001 is the beta hence why she is still hangin around with him because he's the regular salary! Don't know if some of you guys know this, but in most States in the US if your missus spits out a kid that isn't yours then you are 100% liable for Child Support? They are trying to introduce the same thing in the UK: Beta guys paying up for the Alpha's kid? Seriously guys, Ditch the Bitch and Go Your Own Way.
  2. LOL! Some of you talk about your missus as if she’s a trophy? She is a liability! If you want to get on in the current life environment then you'd do well to stay well away from women! Particularly those who are aware of the ticking biological clock, i.e. the Kids-Shit-Clock! However, for you proud idiots with your missus, and/or your kids, please be well aware that you are one mutual attraction away from ruin! In the Ancient world of the UK, the woman has all the rights: you bought your house cheap? Well tough shit because you're gonna pay whether or not you live there! Have kids? Do you see them? Makes no odds because regardless of whether mum says yes or no to you seeing your kids YOU STILL PAY! Does it get any worse? Yeah! She can move a new guy into YOUR house and she can get YOUR KIDS to call that guy DAD and there is F*CK ALL you can do about that! Believe me, I've been through the Family Court and, despite her being a cheating slvt, I only got ONE HOUR per week with my kid whilst the stranger boyfriend gets 24/7 access, no welfare checks NOTHING? And the courts don't give a sh1t that he and the wh0re mother is confusing my kid by brainwashing her to think that the fat motherfvcker boyfriend is really her dad?? BUT if I want to adopt a child myself I have to go through 2 years of checks and shit? Yet a mother can introduce a stranger to a child JUST LIKE THAT???? And most of you wonder why there is so much infanticide, feral kids, riots??? The reason is there, right in front of your big fvcking noses: Women! I’m sorry guys, but women have too many rights and are arsed kissed too much by Labour, Tories and Liberals, especially the “single mothers” who in reality chose to become single mothers! The trouble with today’s UK is that we all forget that it takes TWO to TANGO i.e. where there is a single mother there is also a single dad! I am a SINGLE DAD and I am proud to be a SINGLE DAD! Why am I single dad? Because I REFUSED to be pushed into taking on too much property debt and refused to accept that £1100 per month repayment was “fvcking ok” as demanded by the ex whore! And of course the ex whore’s folks looked down on me too with shit like “well what about shared ownership?”, “you can’t live in a one bed roomed flat with a baby” and “you need to grow up and get a mortgage”...fvcking assholes and believe me when I say that I honestly hope to god that I come face to face with those debt ridden MEW-ing ass-fvcks! Until the law with regards to Father’s Rights is change, I’d advise ALL GUYS to ditch the bitch asap! Once you refuse the “debt” then the dialling up of ex-boyfs takes place, whether by Fvckbook, [email protected], text or whatever, it is all the same! The deed is done in a way as to make it obvious to you! You’re response is to be angry, upset and then enter the stage where everything is “your fault” and only if you’d taken on “that mortgage”...”that bit of debt”..........................................or huge rent, seeing as huge rents are now acceptable to the mumsnet crowd? Step out of line and you lose everything! Allegations galore will be your world from then on, and most Family Court judges will entertain the most oddest of allegations! Christ help you if you land in the Family Court “Division” which is headed by @rsehole Magistrates...yeah lay people without a clue (no legal qualifications) who decide if you should or should not see your kids??....but will decide 100% against you that you should cough up to pay for “splitting up with your missus”.............regardless of fault?? Remember this idiots, a billion pound tax payer funded industry relies 100% on you splitting up with your missus! They are waiting to hit you with Child Support and all the other shite if your married! Marriage has less than 50% success rate? Yet most of you clever HPC’s have a missus and harp on about marriage??????????????? Very odd...in fact, most of you would do well (if single and no kids) by ditching the women and by Going Your Own Way (Goggle MGTOW FORUMS) and just looking after number one! Remember clever HPCs, if you are a guy then the law when it comes to kids and your “partner” is 100% against you and 100% in favour of your ex-“partner” and the new guy! IF you’re DUMB ENOUGH to buy a house and move your missus into the place then you are indeed playing with fire...leave it long enough and some mangina Judge may decide to give your “house” to the women whilst you pay for her to live there...and of course whilst she moves in the new boyf! You’ve been warned! Ditch the women and don’t go near them until Male Rights/Father’s Rights have been hugely improved!
  3. I'm sure it was an EA from Phips and Pritchard in Kidderminster! Hand written message on the other side of the business card was "please contact me re: marketing of your house"??? Of course, the old dear's response to me was "they must be deseperate to find homes to sell"...doh! I mentioned to her that it was an attempt to put across the lie that the market is "A OK", everything is fine and folk are desperate to buy houses again! When in reality the hope is that they (the EA) can persuade folk to sell in the hope that they'll then buy the current overpriced shite currently on the EA's books i.e. chain creation!
  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19623657.html
  5. Would it be better to save 150k over a 10 to 15 year period rather than borrow 150k and payback 200k over a 25+ year period?
  6. I remember some lad I knew quitting Uni during 2004 to become a full time mortgage advisor at the Halifax. At the time I tried my best to talk him out of it and even said that eventually the market will crash! His response was: "They won't let it happen"
  7. LOL! The two often overlooked words when some tosser is trying to spook you is "may" and "if"...debt collectors, banks and just about anyone that wants something from you always you one or both of the above mentioned words!
  8. 3k a month from hiring out a pool? Surely insurance, maintenance, tax and the fricken water/electric/chemical bill would eat up a lot of that money? Greedy b1tch!
  9. Someone I know is in a similar situation with CCs. He's run up about 20k of debt and would usually transfer balances to get a low IR. He recently tried to shift a number of CCs to others with intro offers but was declined. It's as if the music stopped but there were no more chairs left! He's fooked as he's now stuck paying over 18% APR on the existing cards...and he also has a wife who just keeps on spending! He is a "home owner" but there is no equity in the home because him and his missus went for a 100% mortgage. Smart people!
  10. I was working for a Balfour Beatty opco when that happened...a Marketing Manager at the firm (with a BTL Portfolio) nearly shat his pants on hearing the news! During mid 2009, we did hear a rumour that some top Balfour Beatty exec was told by some top government [email protected] that "PFI is dead"...all of a sudden the firm went into "Cost Cutting" mode for the rest of 2009 and all of 2010.
  11. Yeah PFI is just brill, we rent the buildings from a Bank and a Construction company for 30 years and by the end of that 30 years we........................errr.............don't own the building? Even though what has been paid over 30 years was/is enough to build 10 buildings of equal size and type! PFI is not "OK", it was and still is a huge rip off! A lot of decent schools and hospitals have been knocked down and replaced with Soviet style buildings that won't last more than 30 years!
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