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  1. Went to see the 3 bed semi by florence park yesterday- on at £180k, not bad condition. An old lady lived there and now selling it off, quite dated but nothing major required doing....called back for 2nd viewing this morning, and has been told that FULL Asking has been offered!..and if I were to view it for a second time, he would "recommend" I make an offer first! Seems like the people around here are definately buying again! Maybe it was just this house, as again- sensibly priced and fairly good location.....these will always get snapped up. Back to the search!.....
  2. This is bearing in mind the location of where you want to buy- you don't generally buy a house looking at the whole of Oxford, as you look for a particular area/s that you prefer to live in. Of course, if you don't care where you want to live and all prices were roughly the same....then yes, there prob would be no bidding war for you. But if you are looking specifically in one desirable area....I still think there will be competition about!
  3. I really don't agree with your thought- are you actively looking to buy at the moment?...or just a bystander? Currently on rightmove, there is a 3 bedroom cottage in Abingdon- listed building needs work etc...guide price 100k. Bargain- called EA and there has been 3 offers OVER the guide price already!!! And you think there will be no price bidding war if prices drop to levels that we are talking of?......like i said, if the house is in a good location, priced well....you will not be the only buyer looking....
  4. We've been actively looking and viewing over the last few months (not just comparing online)...and I know houses in good areas, that are priced sensibly are selling. It's not a buoyant market- far from it, but people will/are still buying in the current market. Recently a house down the road from where we live in Abingdon, finally sold for £395,00 from £475,000. That's a big reduction....but still pretty expensive really? We're still going to continue looking for our family home!...as we're not looking at it like a cash cow, unlike some out there. So although price is a factor, if we see
  5. If you are actively looking to buy like we are, you would know that there isn't much selling in Oxford, because there isn't that much new stock available on the market to choose from! It's the same properties that can't shift- as (in my opinion of course!) these properties are in less desirable areas of Oxford, and hence they are not going to be as popular. If you are an average young family- looking for a 2/3 bed house, nice area in the 200k region....there really is not much stock to choose from. We saw four 3 bed houses last month in the E ox area, and 2 of these have been sold. If
  6. Incidentally, why have you recently joined a website called HousePriceCRASH when you don't seem to believe in the possibility of a crash? Just curious. Oh?....I actually thought this forum was to discuss the oxford property market in general??....is it just for those who MUST believe that prices are going to CRASH?? If that is the mantra for this forum, then I think I may be on the wrong site!! What's the point of a forum if everyone should think/believe the same thing???? Odd if you ask me!
  7. I'm really not disputing that there has been a slight fall in house prices!...but given your example of N.Oxford- A house with a reduction from 1 million to £850k...well, is still 850k!!!!!! That is not the price that an Average Joe can afford to buy!!? So, yes, it's great you're pointing out that this particular house has fallen by so many hundreds of thousands?.....but really, that figure means nothing to me as an Average Joe, as I would never be looking at houses in that price bracket anyway, so not really a bargain for me!! Another reason for that significant drop, could be the fact t
  8. Okay- but no one here is saying that prices aren't falling? So what's your point? We all know prices have fallen- some greater than others depending on where you want to live? Like you're saying, no place is immune. My point is, that everyone is predicting this mass house price "crash", but I have yet to see this happening? I just don't think there are going to be many "bargains" to pick up in Oxford! I wish I can buy a 3 bed house or larger!! for £50k or less in Oxford, but is that really likely to happen?? I don't think so.....now prices like that is what I would call a house price
  9. ShavedChimp- can't really help you there!...as it really depends on what area and how many rooms you're looking for! But I would say you would be able to get good value rentals in the current market. There is a complete saturation of 2 bed flats at the moment, so if that's what you're looking for, you should be able to get a good price on those. Good luck with the search!....
  10. Yes, I do agree with you that "rental" prices are falling- but this is no surprise, as I said before...alot of landlords are renting out their places rather than sell for peanuts, so they could ride this out, in the hope that they can sell again when the house prices pick up again. Therefore rented places are flooding the market at the moment! (great if you are renting!!) But if you are buying, I don't think we are going to get "bargain" if you know what I mean! As you said, it has happened to you a couple of times- low offers made, house withdrawn by vendor. Which then makes me think, t
  11. We could wait yes,....but I don't think Oxford is one of those places that will have a massive drop, to the point that a 3 bed semi by Iffley Rd is going to be less than 100k??....I've been on other online forums where people are currently buying houses at like 98k and 110k!....which sounds like such a bargain!....but they are living in an area where the prices are lower anyway. These are not the sort of prices that Oxford is going to drop to!! (I don't think anyway...) Having lived in Oxford for over 10 yrs, I've generally kept an eye on the house prices (whilst saving up for that deposit!!
  12. Hello! FTB here!...We have been looking at prices on rightmove from beginning of last year...and I think the prices have definately go down abit! We are looking mainly in the East Ox area, and we just missed out on a great house on Cricket Rd! Can you believe it was a 4 Bed House Cricket Rd (great location) for £220k?....It was an Edwardian style terraced property- so quite attractive! (period features and all that!)...and I'm sure if the market was at it's peak right now, that house would have been marketed for £250k or more! That house went 2 days after it was advertised!! Shame the pri
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