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  1. I did this at my local branch. It works out as the equivalent of a good rate of interest. Have you looked at Lloyds? My kids are getting 2.5% on their under 19s account and they seem to offer up to 4% on larger balances in the current account with Vantage.
  2. I think you are spot on. This sounds llike a proper modern democratic state to me.
  3. Exactly - if we pay for twits we get twits running the country. Obviously it is far too important a job to do this. I'm sorry but we need to pay our MP's a good wage. Look at our chancellors - Brown and Darling. What a pair of rank amateurs they turned out to be. There was a time where the MP/ government minister's role representing the man in the street or the gentry in the big house was appropriate.Perhaps they didn't need any specialist knowledge. Life is too complicated now . We need a pool of clever, able people working hard for us as MP's from which to pick our policymakers at the top.
  4. When I first saw this story I assumed the development was somewhere like Solihull, where you expect the residents to be NIMBYs. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the houses were in Netherton! Now there is nothing wrong with Netherton, but it is a typical Black Country town with a lot of Victorian terraces in poor condition, post-war council housing estates and pockets of new developments on brownfield sites, interspersed with small factories (often metal working), small industrial estates and warehouses. How these new home buyers must have lapped up the advertising from the developers "
  5. Oh Sibley. You just can't understand simple logic can you? If we all get "priced out", then loads of other people will be priced out too. Demand for houses will go down again and the price of houses will fall. It's not that hard is it?
  6. Sorry - wrong about Waterfields development - it's back on Rightmove today, and with the same stupid asking prices as before. These new developments always seen to have one house SSTC don't they? To lure you into thinking some misguided individual is actually willing to pay the inflated asking price.
  7. Anyone out there looking at the B63 market (or lack of it)? Waterfields development of "executive homes" appears to have been withdrawn from sale this week - well who was ever going to pay £375,000 to live on a roundabout? Are Hadzor Davies in trouble, I wonder? I think they must be, to mothball this site in March, just before the "peak buying season" We have been looking to move up "the ladder" for two years and stagnation is a total understatement of the situation. What planet are these sellers on? If you haven't sold after two years YOU ARE TOO EXPENSIVE! And yet all the estate agents are
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