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  1. Just a bump that the auctions end at 18:30
  2. BBC loves to talk about how the worst is over (to them that means the pace of decline and not decline per se), but I don't remember them talking about the economy looking a low worse when growth was slowing a couple of years ago. Funny that.
  3. Although I do have sympathy for anyone having to deal with the growing army of spongers who expect everything for nothing, now, from the state, the system needs reform. A few months ago I had a problem, I called in sick and then phoned the Doctor's surgery. They said there were no appointments but to call back at 3pm when more would become available. I do that, of course, can't get through for ages and then eventually when I do get through, get told all the appointments have gone and to try tomorrow. Clearly, I couldn't exactly phone up work the next day and say the only reason I was still o
  4. Woolwich town centre isn't particularly good, although you could say much the same about Lewisham or many other deprived parts of London. I was shopping in Lewisham earlier (through necessity, not choice) and there were whiny kids in almost every shop I went in. I think its also other more subtle things, like people not moving out the way when you're trying to get past or not saying thank you if you hold a door. I'm not sure the critical mass of working people are there yet either. I passed through Woolwich on Saturday, taking the DLR en route into London (funnily enough I've got into the HPC
  5. When Cameron attacked him a few weeks back for kicking it into the long grass (aka. instigating a review) he crowed about how he was happy to meet him (but nothing on moving it forward). Obviously, Jonah needs to get the McBride sleaze off the agenda, so this is as good as anything
  6. Yeah, they had that annoying estate agent type "You could buy that horse, let alone back it!" Think they eventually realised he was a right ***** as they ran the same ad later on without him
  7. The media are buying the line that its too early to announce what will be cut as we don't know what will happen in a years time. The real truth is that Labour know they'll be out of power, but are pretending they would cut so they can still get their debt away now. Once the Tories come in, it will all be "evil Tory cuts" from the labour opposition
  8. £32.5k now. Still a while left to go though. A search on Rightmove shows a glut of flats from around this block unsold for ages so maybe this can help move the market down.
  9. Oh look, the HPC favourite of Hill House, Defence Close, Thamesmead is in there http://www.auctiontoday.co.uk/property_onl...=12&start=0 It was previously valued to £274,995
  10. He problems means an acute shortage of "social" housing. ie. 15 year old kids who get pregnant as it "makes them happy" and end up with a place of their own. There was a show called "the hospital" earlier this week; couldn't believe how arrogant these people were; not taking any of the Doctor's advice, being really picky about how they wanted a particular style of pregnancy, not giving up smoking and being as fat a pig.
  11. Guess the weed killer is getting to those "green shoots"
  12. Idiots are arguing for a return to high loan to value mortgages on new builds, which were amongst the biggest cause of the current problem
  13. I think one of the fundamental problems is poor public transport links. From memory, Tideslea Path was about 3 mins away from buses but for flats further west that was probably nearer 10 minutes. Then add 5 minutes waiting time and 10-15 minutes to Woolwich and it can be almost half an hour before you can get anywhere. Any flats further west and it may take even longer. I've always wondered why they don't build a "Woolwich Riverside" DLR station. The tunnel passes beneath there so surely it couldn't that hard to build a sub-surface station around it. It wouldn't be perfect but it would cut do
  14. Glad it was useful. I only went after I was inspired by other blog posts how run down most of it was; its almost worth it as an afternoon out By my reckoning, Royal Arsenal and Royal Artillery Quays were probably okay; you could walk to the DLR/train station without passing through any significantly dubious parts. The other parts involve living alongside dumps or being dependent on buses (which apparently are significantly overcrowded) to reach the station. I read earlier today that Berkeley Home are planning to build a load more properties along the river later (http://en.wikipedia.org/wik
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