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  1. Something is wrong when it's cheaper to fly to Bulgaria and get the same or better standard of care including the flights and hotel. Plus get seen straight away and save a couple of grand on the private cost.
  2. So Soho where they both are, Soho and Bar Italia, in Soho is alive between 1am and 4am. In comparison to New York. You obviously haven't been to a 24 hour city, but you have been to Soho at night.
  3. Reminds me of the Severn Tidal Power Group 85,000 Birds ?
  4. Oddest thing is how everyone shuts down in a "24 hour city" Anyone who has a bit of time should try driving or cycling through the metropolis at 1 am, it's dead. At 3 am it's like a ghost town, London never got that NY 24 hour thing.
  5. Not saying it isn't true, but China understands the media now. Anyone remember the trade wars and anti EU dumping for textiles. When the USA started trying to tax out China on imports. They failed, nothing says power like having the money up front, and China has it. They'll pay what they like when they like until the situation is reversed, including Government debt which is so tightly linked to themselves it's more a statement about the future prospects than an investment. IMO.
  6. Not much to fear if they attack their own area. Setting fire to crops perhaps, followed by sitting in a barren field and shouting for food ?
  7. Is that a legal requirement ? , perhaps they could build a new house for them ?
  8. As usual, those complaining, the social housing. Where do these kids come from who "They're great in the day but at night the kids come and bang on the door and then run off down them"
  9. Is that native food, or food like stuff out of season or cheaper.
  10. If you are rich, you really don't need the public sector.
  11. It's not explained AFAIK, the new department spends the money buying up privately held government debt and corporate debt but they can't talk about the reasoning or any details.
  12. So all hospitals will have the same level of staff health? What you missed is the reasons for being sick have nothing to do with catching stuff from patients, it's the work environment, stress, musculoskeletal disorders, anxiety . depression and high agency worker and staff churn. This results in worse care for patients and staff taking time off. http://www.nhshealthandwellbeing.org/pdfs/...rt%20190809.pdf
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