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  1. We'll probably have another 18 months of +/- <> 1% and then prices will start to rise steadily again. Bottom line, two few houses and to many people in country. Not helped by the non building of new houses since 2007. That's the reality whether you like it or not and more people will be renting than buying for the mid-long term.
  2. oh dear or dear oh dear Spring bounce just starting in March??? Stamp duty holiday which will positively impact the whole chain from first time buyer. mortgages available at 90% out of recession - recovery taking hold lets all vote for the tories so that they can destroy the economy and crash house prices....but you still won't be able to afford a house...you'll have no job !!! oh dear oh dear oh dear !!!
  3. ....remind me again when the spring bounce starts this year ??...
  4. agree - what a load of tripe MW is not the most reliable source of info....just behind the BBC!
  5. have a big spliff and dream of owning your own home.....
  6. Really diffcult to predict house prices....but think at the end of the year they will be similar to as they are now. 2011-2012 looking at probably 10% increase. If you can afford it and have job security and need a home (and long term investment) then no better time to buy.
  7. ...down 20% ...so you live in Moss side? levelled off almost in most decent areas but due to the lack of supply - most of the crap housing is on.... Annual Spring bounce is round the corner ....keep listening to Dr Bubb and keep paying you landlord's childrens inheritence which will be tax free once Cameron and his muppets come in !
  9. Oh dear that's another 5% increase in property prices next year !!
  10. first truely global recession in history with knowledge of economic theories ??
  11. For the avoidance of doubt anyone thinking that this guy had a loophole or avoidance scheme to avoid stamp duty....he is talking a load of sh*ite... The only way round s75 of the Finance Act is evasion which is illegal...solicitors are now as culpable as their clients so this guy is talking rubbish.
  12. The Tory Policy of crash and burn weren't followed. Manipulation of the markets helped keep house prices up....but better still.....a quicker economic recovery
  13. Good old fashioned Keynesian theory....well done Gordon Brown? Beats the Adam Smith throries used in the past 30 years or so by the Tories and the Amercians!!!
  14. TROLL !!! There are no legitimate ways of avoiding stamp duty since s75 introduced - only evasion. I specialise in tax schemes ! I agree - no house purchase but a dreamer!
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