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  1. The Yahoo report seems to be based on Halifax figures. Whilst i can't immediatley find a press release with this data in, Halifax normally use "Ratio of the Halifax standardised average price to national average earnings for full-time male employees" as a measure. Not because it's particularly balid as a comparison but because it's been available for long enough to be a good comparator for trends. So when they say "average" they mean "mean", as the "median" preferred by the ONS now has not been available for as long.
  2. What?! So one bloke looks after repos for all the banks? Smells like... If I was a banker wanting to keep repos off the market I wouldn't be repo'ing them. There'd be no point at all in leaving them empty and paying someoen to manage it, even if one man can manage all of them. Might as well keep the defaulting "owner" in there until I thought I could sell it.
  3. When I started I was a "relative bull"; I didn't dare imagine prices would drop to '93-95 levels. I do expect them to drop further, in the unlikely event they don't I can't see that they'll rise significantly over the next few months so best keep saving and reduce that LTV. Now I've seen how poor much bear reasoning is, I'm very glad not to be associated with them. If you want any real bull opinion or reasoning for balance you won't find it here after the "Night of the Long Knives".
  4. On here he's in good company with the "too thick to analyse IP addresses" mods.
  5. A house wouldn't always be regarded as a "first time buyer property", I bought at the bottom of the last crash and considered myself very lucky that I could buy a 2 bed flat instead of a 1 bed one. You could always look further afield, plenty of 2 bed houses in Southend for under 150k. You'd be best off waiting; if we are at bottom prices won't rise appreciabbly for months (probably years), if we aren't you'll be able to get what you want cheaper in a few months.
  6. Hmmmm. Just had a look over there. I can feel a libel suit coming on, I use this sign on on many websites around the place, including my IT work related ones and don't really like it being dragged through the mud in this Kafkaesque fashion.
  7. What? We'll all get slimmer, more attractive and grow more hair?
  8. Thanks, but I'm not sure how useful that is to find posts by me as such. Whilst the forum search doesn't work, the "Members" facility in the top right I think does; but not for us "Trolls".
  9. Don't get me wrong. Any consistent measure of income or earnings (or wealth) is fine as a medium to long term trend comparison. I just object to those who say that "average" (mean) house prices must fall to deposit plus 3 time "average" (median) incomes.
  10. No, but no one else seems overly keen to dissent. And especially won't be now. Will any of the tinfoil hat brigade please rise to my challenge and find a trolling post by me? Does the tinfoil drain all your courage and integrity? I can't even have a look and reconsider myself. If someone would tell me where I've overstepped the mark at least I could avoid doing it again.
  11. Thanks. All I'm after is confirmation. I want prices to fall as I'd like to "trade up" my modest 2 bed flat. I just feel the need to challenge weak, or what I consider erroneous, reasons for further falls.
  12. People who multiply median wages and compare it with mean house prices do need help, and there's more than one on here.
  13. I'd not noticed the moderation until now, but I'm sure it's not usual to take such action with no warning, reason or notification. And I'll bet you can't find many previous posts of mine where I've been less polite and reasonable. Rise to the challenge or are you Bruce Banner in disguise? And it should be Trolls with a capital T. Whilst I appreciate Mods don't discuss decisions (even if it is usually polite to give a reason) no-one else seems to have pointed to where I've made a trolling post. (you can search through an individual member's posts using the "Members" link, top right hand side)
  14. But what about when I explained that average asking price would translate into a lower offer and selling price, and that Rightmove figures don't contain auction and right to buy properties that would tend to bring down average prices from nationwide, halifax and Land Registry.
  15. I don't think my posts are moderated and I'm not sure I've ever started a thread here (maybe one). But I can't reassure Hamish cos I've got no PMs and can't be arsed signing up to MSE at the mo.
  16. I told our overlord her latest instruction was going too far and we'd all be rumbled. Would she listen...
  17. Perhaps you should listen to your second opinion rather than your first. There may be a couple of BTL'ers on here but I'm not one and and neither am I nor anyone I know in the property business.
  18. Sorry, shouldn't have doubted you, looked it up and you were quite right. Mustn't doubt my superiors. Funny, I've checked my dates mentally and I definitely bought in '87 and sold in '88 and I though we just got in before the double MIRAS abolition. I do remember it took a while for us to sell but we did get a good price. I then lodged in Barons Court in a flat that sold for 105k in around May '89, which was pretty much top whack too, but that had taken a while to shift.
  19. I'm fatter and have less hair. One ex g/f bought me a model of the Vogon commander (Hitchiker's Guide...) and another Shrek.
  20. Possibly so, but it's nowhere near the 100 billion figure bandied about a while back. Or the 17 billion (?) paid back already.
  21. In view of my current status I'm not even sure I'm allowed to address you directly, but I'll risk it. Good point, I'd never thought of it that way. Wasn't it Aug 87? Although I did buy (with another) a flat for 52k days before Aug 1 '87 and sold just over a year later (Nov 88) for 67k. But that's London so the rest of the country may have been different.
  22. Player: "What would you do if I called you a w*nker?" Ref: "I'd send you off" Player: "What if I only thought you were a w*nker?" Ref: "Then I couldn't do anything" Player: "Then I think you're a w*nker" Ref: "OFF"
  23. It's the lack of notice, warning or reason that I find annoying. And the lack of Edit button.
  24. I suspect the PM and Edit stuff is just accidental, a default that hasn't been looked at. It may be a by product of the Poll thing, which would make sense were we genuine "professional trolls".
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