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  1. the reality is the 10 wealthiest countries on the planet have populations of less than 10 million, the further reality is syriza are in a good position, they have patriotism on their side, the 3 biggest greek creditors are. Eurosystem SMP 45Bn EU 38Bn Greek public sector 30Bn Fortunately they can ignore the EU and wipe 80Bn of their debt simply by defaulting on the oligarchs who agree to shared responsibility *the greek public sector and greek banks, the greek deposit holders and public sector stand firmly behind redistribution... apparently
  2. Leeds City Council has half the cashflow of Serco, perhaps they should be paying their CEO 1 million, to keep it consistent like
  3. i suppose given tax credits and Housing Benefit its almost cost neutral for the taxpayer as anyone on minimum wage will be receiving support. But its not cost neutral for business. The sensible thing would be to reduce employers NI in line with the increase to neutralise it for business aswell but as Employers NI is generally a hiiden tax on tax on Labour that very few recognise theres chuff all chance of the govt reducing it. To be fair to the coalition, i dont see how this increase is any more beneficial than increasing the tax threshhold, fortunately the popn are generally so driven by t
  4. yep what a disaster, debt monkeys get to vote, lets all leave it up to the queen, at least she has vaginal superiority, GB used to be an empire, it can get back there as long as im alright jack and someone else is paying for it, the problem i have with house prices is im in the wrong side of it, special flowerism is great as long as i dont suffer the indignity of it
  5. does this mean there'll be less fat Bstards in the uk? My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my child benefit, you wupped my father at 10 ball, prepare to eat kebabs
  6. Id say share certificates are a very bad example and diametric to phone company payment systems. The majority of people dont buy share certificates, they are about as popular as black and white TVs, they purchase through nominee accounts and give up most of their rights as a shareholder (either stupid in giving up ownership, or smart in simplifying the process depending on your POV). Personally id rather have the certificates if im risking proverbial sweat and tears but i realise im in the minority
  7. very difficult to generate an increase in earnings (aka labour) when it is taxed (employer/employee ni, income tax) when it is taxed behaviourally as a scarce commodity when patently for a couple of generations its clearly an abundant commodity Tax has 2 functions Firstly it is a way of funding the state, but more importantly its a behavioural determinant Taxation globally to greater and lesser extents have in this cycle been collected on a surplus as if its a scarcity (and people scratch their heads why the surplus has remained for 50 years) Meanwhile theres the very existence of this si
  8. All power centres are tainted by power vacuums, how many millenia of recorded history are needed to recognise this, the tories,labour,UKIP,BNP, etc etc arent unique, they are simply taking advantage of of power mandated to them. I saw an article recently on here saying down liblabcon, destroy them and let new parties (read power vacuums) rise up, the problem isnt MPs, its human nature If tomorrow UKIP & the greens get 90% of the vote are there seriously enough people in the UK that wouldnt recognise the same career politicians theyve supposedly voted out wouldnt be in the parties th
  9. Kerching, hubris, you have no idea whether it will it not, Recent History says it will, Longer term beyond "being a legend in our lunchtime" says there is no cast iron reason to believe so, Asia, Mesopotamia, Africa have all had their time in the sun at various points in History, i suggest you stop living in your own lunch time and deal with actual reality of the past, The west may be more prosperous than ever in 30 years, it might also be in a dark age, it might also be somewhere between, thats the reality of its history, your hubris and entitlement wont change either of those outcomes,
  10. Yeah ok http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/19/world/europe/19ireland.html?_r=0 and people wonder why humanity and its foibles of hubris and overstated depression hasnt changed in a few thousand years. No matter how big the fairytale, today is all that matters tomorrow is irrelevant because i have no concept of history innit, even if it was yesterday TheUK could have a population of 100m in 2030, it could also have a popn of 50m, thats the reality of accepting that we may not be legends out of our own lunchtime
  11. Not true, the 20% vs 1% is apples and pears, one is a tax on asset value, the 20% is a tax on the dividend (yield) which is 20% of 3-5% yield, you are comparing asset value taxes to yield taxes, in an age of low yields without accounting for this yield is nonsense and whilst you say net worth is different to income id fundamentally disagree, when you live in a world of extreme leverage, net worth is identical to income, the difference has been leveraged away. When the state behaviourally supports leverage (as it has done for decades) asset wealth and income are identical, they are assets t
  12. Thats not true, any EU country that has a wealth tax the tax is paid in the country of residence., there are only a handful of countries in Europe that have this tax though, France, Spain,Norway and Nederlands, Granted the rates are derisory and non declaration of assets is common. They work exactly the same way as the Swiss wealth tax (on Global assets) which naturally being a tax haven Sarc collects the largest nominal amount out of them all because its set at the lowest level of introduction
  13. Growth is growth, it always returns to reality at some point, Marxs failure was he was a layabout relying on Engels and he didnt associate himself with the King, there was/is no more or less Mememe with Marx than anyone else of the time. 6000 years of entitlement and people are still buying entitlement, tells you everything about who we are
  14. Nope the West ensures it runs a trade deficit because it benefits, it could implement Capital controls yesterday if it truly wants to, it doesnt want to, it never did want to because of the economic rent it collected, its more open to it now and will be even more open to it tomorrow because the economic rent has started to be collected on the very population that were collecting it
  15. for some strange reason self interested people believe self interested people, why not become a democracy, then at least the failure can be widespread instead of blaming Labour or Tories or the queen or any other naturally self interested entities for the peoples failure
  16. you will never sustainably monetarily outgrow growth, physics 101 id have thought, the beneficiaries of that growth at any point in time, well thats a power thing and humans are extremely malleable and will believe any bollarcks without questioning until it becomes obvious as long as the oracle is charismatic
  17. globalism doesnt require high levels of debt in the west, the Wests inability to compete requires debt accumulation, is that a bad thing not being able to compete, No, unless the West is willing to sacrifice its entitlement. Fortunately people only give a [email protected] about tomorrow, long term is someone elses problem, hopefully
  18. Having finally got through it it seems the fundamental point is the r > g, which is nothing to do with the problem but simply a realisation (id have thought this would have been obvious after a few thousand years) of leverage or to put in standard parlance a debt cycle Debt cycles create wealth (unsustainable) and asset holders, fundamentally special flowers, benefit from a debt cycle, who knew Could the most recent debt cycle have been more evenly distributed - well id argue no as long as there is a concentration of power, and id have a few thousand years of evidence to back me up Ulti
  19. The bold is all mince, id love to know how they paid an 1200% mortgage when interest rates were in excess of 10%, unless they had a substantial deposit then in todays world theyd have been paying more in interest on their loan (ignoring the repayment aspect) than their gross salary, doable i suppose as taxes were so low in the 70s.....errr But as long as the majority of the popn such as this poster get emotional (all i want is a crash,stampstampstamp) and ignore the mathematical reality of such nonsense everything is "jobs a goodun", people are their own worst enemies. You can highlight the
  20. Charity in the UK , absolutely disgusting, its Camerons or Millibands job to get plebs to wipe peoples arses, what depraved depths will the uk fall to next? family support
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